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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Goth Truisms - Individuality

Goths enjoy a open-minded society and attempt to define themselves as individuals. It is difficult discovering personal values.

What defines a person? There are social and personal thoughts about life. Most people want to be happy. Happiness is defined by the person.

Social atmospheres are a challenge. Goths talk about personal values. Occasionally, onlookers think they describe values for everyone in the group. They might say, "Everyone should...." There is a flair for dramatic statements.

As a teen scene kid going to all-ages nightclubs, I was dramatic. Taking an offensive stance to comments, that might be sarcastic, I was angry with the idea that Goths drop-out of high school to waste their lives with aspirations to be in bands. I watched that show on television a few months ago. Knowing the reference, it did not stop me from using absolute statements about the world, society and the person at the coffee shop.

Drama appears to be fairly common among Goths. Inability to relate, since, "Everybody does it;" could lead to being, "... a fake."

People's thoughts are influential. It raises questions and challenges a person to decide right, wrong or something in-between. After a long time, I was able to answer several questions with sincerity and accuracy.

In college, several people took the Myers-Briggs test. Truthfully, in college, I did not know how I respond in most situations. It takes time to figure-out life. After years of experience, the next thing is to take time to evaluate a situation and then act. That is not an answer on the test. Without a distinctive answer, I thought of television or morals to circle the answer that seems better.

Several of my fellow students would great priest and nuns. I felt special. I would be a detective. Everyone retook the test and attempted to be honest. I waited a few years to retake it.

Taking time to evaluate, there is no declaration to state what you will do or who you will be in the future. Even if there is a parental guardian, it is normal to rebel. Even if deciding the parental guardian is correct, it is normal to research and test options.

My closest friend in high school resented her family. Most of them were successful and went from school to successful jobs. She did not know what major to choose.

There is a connection to family that is important. I found an in-between space of honoring family values, after figuring out what they are and a suitable life-path.

While several people appear to have Hippie or Biker parents who are open to culturally diverse ideals, there is a broader sense of individuality in United States culture. Many people also have conservative parents and siblings. Family background is not really a big factor.

My family has the tendency to believe in subcultures and philosophies. Some of the influences are environmental well-being, holistic ideals and political activism. While very conservative, conservation of existing culture is to question authority, contribute to society, seek solid employment and not become a drone.

Be an individual or become a drone, it does not really matter. Interfere or don't interfere, there are real-life consequences. "Fools tread where wise men falter." There are people who attempt to become authorities within the Goth scene.

Consequentially or joyously, people will let you make decisions about your life. There is stigma if you try to make decisions for me about my life. Society is a real factor in how possible it is to achieve goals and what are the real requirements for success.

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