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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goth Shoes

Goth shoes are stylish and currently several companies specialize in Goth shoes. Previously any black shoe was acceptable. The market has changed to offer options and variety in club gear: Punk, Industrial, Rave and Goth. Clubbing is a unique aspect of lifestyle placing a greater demand on achieving a level of style; however, functionality is also important; therefore, when wanting running shoes go to a brand specializing in athletics.

Goth Culture dictates women wear high-heels and men wear boots. Women have greater diversity in selection. Designers also offer flats, flip-flops and platform shoes for women. Flats and platform shoes are also offered to men. Unisex shoes are emerging in a greater abundance. Demonia offers a basic black unisex shoe with a heel. A competition for companies to offer high-heels in larger sizes is emerging to create variety for men.

Emily offers unisex shoes; however, only men with small feet can wear them. If they are really unisex they are offered in a women's size 6 up to a men's size 13. Creeper makes women's shoes though specializing in men's shoes. The lack of styles in men's shoes is addressed by making larger sizes for women so men can buy it two sizes larger. For example; if they wear a men's size 11 they would buy the women's size 13.

Dr. Martin assisted in today's style. Men in the United States claimed European styles were smaller; therefore, they had to buy shoes two sizes larger. Dr. Martin's combat boots and innovative styles led to a well crafted version of the typical combat boot found in army surplus stores. Most people assumed they were made for men. As the Dr. Martin brand grew, they released a Mary Jane. They are made for women. Now they offer sleek men's styles.

This is not really an issue since gender roles are dismissed and androgyny is commonly accepted. Daisy 13 offers essentially the same shoes as Deviant. This style is orientated toward martial arts enthusiasts. In martial arts quality is important; therefore, it might be better to buy black shoes made by a company specializing in martial arts gear.

Gothic is not associated to athleticism. This could be improved by several brand names. Perhaps this is because there several companies produce running, jogging, tennis, hiking and walking shoes. There is no need to buy several athletic shoes, buy one pair to match your outfit. Black athletic shoes are difficult to find in spring or summer, yet abundant in the winter.

While people agree club gear is the main area standard brands have failed in accommodating to the Goth consumer, anti-consumerism also promotes finding the least expensive and most comfortable shoe regardless of brand. Many Goth companies offer competitive pricing. People validate designers who contribute to the subculture. This doesn't resolve everything. Right now I am wearing some black flip flops with a white paisley print that were five dollars at the local grocery store. If in doubt, visualize how the shoes will be utilized to make better shoe decisions.

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