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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goth Clothes

More than looking great, style is an additional complication when finding acceptable clothing to develop a persona. Individuality is important in Goth Style, yet wearing black is limiting. Working with accessories can be difficult. Goth is known for being edgy, metallic accents turn an average outfit into a work of art.

Growing up I went clubbing at Goth, Industrial or Rave clubs every weekend and sometimes during the week. Enjoying being a woman, some people believe women have to show skin to be attractive. Leaning towards the dramatic elevating basic black to an exciting and feminine persona is complicated, though not impossible.

Comparing androgynous, masculine and feminine types: androgynies wear heavy clothing, while men and women enhance natural features. For example a man may prefer a suit, while a woman prefers a black dress and leggings. Androgynies wear both, yet remain completely clothed from the neck down; except, for hands.

After mastering the underpinning points of fashion according to body-shape, it is easy to accessorize to create a stunning Goth Look to create and ideal fantasy. Even on a budget, basic black is a foundation. The foundation is altered with less expensive accessories. Sometimes accessories include transparent clothing. One of my favorite items is a black jumpsuit. Add a rhinestone jacket for a rock star look. Lose the jacket to wear a large burgundy scarf for a romantic look. Forego either with an oversized transparent long-sleeve white, shirt. The shirt glows in black light. When lighted from behind, it silhouettes the body to create a beautiful industrial look.

Enhance clothes with decorative stitches, buttons or alternating black and white. Apply decorative buttons by removing buttons to be replaced from the shirt or pants. Thread the needle and use the old thread holes to identify the place for new buttons. After anchoring the thread, slide the new button over the thread. Hold the button about a centimeter away from the shirt looping thread through the button and shirt several times to make sure it is in place. Knot excess thread underneath the shirt, where it will not be seen.

Sewing hardware to shirts is another option. The shirt from Tripp already has d-loops installed. Snow chains and a leash are utilized to form a new look. Chains come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Everything can be premade and bought in a store. The artistry is in imaginative usage. Chains are versatile. They can be a necklace, bracelet, anklet, belt and more. Drape them over clothing for an additional layer of expression.

I enjoy sparkling. A cardinal rule of clubbing and going to concerts is to avoid wearing anything expensive or difficult to replace. In a moment a lace shirt, tat vest or angora sweater is ruined. Though these items are wonderful for simulating an Elizabethan look, clubs are filthy after midnight. Clubs should be filled with people having fun and dancing. Goth Style doesn't follow a generalized train of thought. It is creative, spontaneous and an extension of originality. Adding small or large elements greatly enhances an outfit. Hopefully, these images will stimulate ideas to improve outfits.

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