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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goth Makeup

Looking around at all the videos on the Internet, it seems like everyone is has a take on how to do makeup, so now I have my own video. It is "How to: 4 Goth Looks." Covering makeup basic, such as: foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow and so-on, I decided demonstrating the whole makeup process would be important.

There is a mixture of products in use. Mixing expensive with inexpensive products, it is all personal preference. Cover Girl's loose powder is easy to lighten or darker with body powder for changing seasons. Any waterproof mascara is great. Finding it is difficult to find foundation or lipstick with a proper matte or gloss, I prefer Lancome or Merle Norman. Sometimes costume makeup works best. Men prefer brands like Ben Nye who offers an array of color with a matte finish with unisex makeup.

During the foundation part of the video, I show mixing foundation powder with after bath powder. This is useful because it helps makes foundation last longer and it is adjustable. Getting a darker foundation makes it easier to mix powders for a summer or pale look.

Another tip is to get gloss to hold matte lipstick into place. Not really preferring the technique, I've found mixing lip liners and lip sticks together is easily touched up or let it go all evening. One evening, during the summer, dancing was making me sweat more than usual. With a mixture of lipstick and eye shadow to line eyes, there was no need to touch-up. In fact, on previous occasions touching my face at all meant having to completely redo everything.

Demonstrating each component is intensified to go from day to evening daytime eyeliner is applied above and below the lid, only half the length of the lower lash is filled in below lower lashes to make eyes appear larger. Large eyes are essential to an excellent Goth Look. Several people love accentuating eye or lips. In the final look, eyes look larger with a lighter color towards tear ducts. Filling in the liner, it goes above and below lower lashes. Filling in around the tear duct also makes eye look huge.

Shimmering eye shadow and blush are wonderful when applied correctly. The video shows how to apply blush; however, shimmer is an accent and placed above cheeks to enhance cheekbones. Another tip is to use black eye shadow or darker blush below cheekbones. Enhancing contour with shading makes people look unreal. Usually women forgo sharpening their features too much; however, men love being ruggedly handsome.

I feel the video can assist anyone in achieving a successful Goth Look. Goths enjoy a sophisticated appearance. Some enjoy a costume level of makeup similar to club kids or film stars. Some enjoy a minimum amount of makeup to enhance natural features. It is all relative to how comfortable people are in their environment.

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