Goth Ilk: Personalize Your Look

Monday, February 28, 2011

Personalize Your Look

Finding attractive personalized clothing is difficult. Simple alterations individualize a standard, off-the-rack, outfit. Accessories assist in creating a unique persona.

Goth clothing is typically black; however, incorporating color is a great way to accent personal features. Find body dimensions on "Illusionist: Body Shapes" and then make changes. The video "Alterations" works for my dimensions. I have long-legs and an hourglass figure. Therefore, draw attention to the legs and fit clothing around the waist.

After applying an ivory ribbon around the hem, the dress sags around the waist. A ribbon can bring in the waist and add interest without creating a line around the circumference of the waist. A long body type wants to bring attention to the waist with a belt. A balanced body type (equal leg length compared to torso) wants the line to be around the hips. A person with an apple figure wants to extenuate bust or chest letting the dress hang over the waist.

Add ribbon to the back by pulling the dress out across the width and along the area to be altered. Fold it in half the find the middle, separate the front and back and move a hand up the middle to identify where the ribbon will be placed. Remember the dress needs to go over your head. In this demo, it is brought in a total of four inches; two inches on both sides, plus length of the ribbon.

Move up from the middle, pinch both sides together and sew the sides together. Loosen thread and cut thread in half to leave a noticeable marker with the length of the thread. Use the markers to sew both ends to the dress. Fold excess under and evenly on both sides. Turn ends of the ribbon under to hide them and create a finished look. Now secure the ribbons by stitching it together and knotting thread. Stitching it a few times holds it in place; however, too many stitches are visible. Now the simple dress is fitted around the waist.

Add accessories to dramatize a look. In this example, extenuating the legs is acceptable; therefore, I add black three-fourth leggings, black shirt with a lace collar, ivory boot socks and black flats. Three-fourth leggings create a line around the legs. The black shirt with a lace collar brings attention the face while blending in with the black dress. The ivory boot socks contrast against the black and the black flats to add another level of interest to the feet.

Depending on a persons figure the accessories are applied differently. A person with a pear shape may not want a black dress. A dark violet dress over black leggings brings attention up and away from their hips. A person with a long torso wears full length black leggings and an ivory shirt with a lace collar to balance out the body portions. Mix and match accessories to create a dramatic and attractive look.

The Goth look doesn't have to be bland. Knowing your body type and figure creates a blue print to alter and accessorize clothing. Build layers of accessories to make a look as minimal or exotic as desired. Flare is wonderful. The trick is finding the best application for individual traits.

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