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Monday, February 28, 2011

Goth Hair

Goth hair is flowing, wispy, edgy, spiky, or blunt. Often redefining the rules, "Pick a Hairstyle" is a guideline. Elements are preferred or ignored, whether it is selecting a complimentary length or color framing the face.

Goths are considered innovators. The video begins with my basic hair style after letting it grow. The bangs are long enough to tie back with elastic. A large comb holds it in place. The long bangs frame the face when it is swept to the side. Additional hair spray, pins and clips help it stay in place. The bangs are long enough to brush into a ponytail. It is easy to dress up pony tail by pulling an elastic band up about and inch. Separate the hair in the middle, pull the tail through and make a decorative twist.

Adding ribbon is fun. Create interest with florescent tubing, lace or whatever. This video demonstrates a spin off a traditional style my sister showed me when I was younger. The French braiding technique is utilized to make a headband out of natural hair. Modernizing the style, take the end of the braid back and tuck it under to create a poof.

Loosely braided, it is easier to have someone help you; however, using two mirrors to see the back of the head while braiding is effective.

Streaks, colorful extensions, ribbon, tubing, and so-on add an extra level style. Braiding creates a beautiful platform for this method. While the video is for long hair principles are similar for short hair.

Thinking of getting a haircut, I draw out a few sample hair styles to get a basic idea of what I want before looking at hairstyle pictures. Some include a bang, spiky, no bang, short or long. Draw a side view by overlapping an oval and ellipse. Drawing the front is a simple oval, heart, box or circle to represent the face shape.

Reviewing the options I want long hair with a bang that is easily spiked. Going to the hair salon I found a picture of a woman with long, layered hair around the face and bang. Then make special requests to layer the back and cut the bang a bit shorter. Though the bang looks blunt it is thinned to be wispy. Now it looks as usual when down; however, after placing it in a ponytail, teasing and spraying it becomes a totally new look.

Goth hair is great, because it doesn't always follow a basic structure. Between teasing, curling and weaves everyone should have a personalized and beautiful persona. Between the variety of personal traits and hair techniques, understanding of face-shape and complexion will bring about exciting innovations in Goth fashion. It doesn't have to be Hollywood or mimic any particular style. Individuality is encouraged.

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