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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dye Goth

With streaked or solid black hair Goths alter appearance with dye. Briefly covering some techniques associated to color treatments, the video demonstrates how to create a fiery look, which is what I tend to like and it isn't available in most hair salons.

Solid color is great. Solid black, dark brown or blonde is easy because it is same process all the time. When dye or bleach builds up over time it enhances chosen hair color. Follow directions supplied on the bottle for color or bleach. Since the process starts at roots and quickly distributes, after color becomes perfect when retouching roots.

Reds and other extraordinary colors are difficult. There is an additional rest phase. For example, going from a red to blue fades to green after regular washing; therefore, a person has to bleach to a minimum light red, wait two weeks and then apply blue. After this time, it is common to wait at least a month and a half, before performing the same process. Achieving blue is easier after each process, because hair is bleached to almost white while blue dye is building up creating vivid, true blue.

Streaking hair is as owning a toothbrush (preferably one dedicated to hair) and peroxide. Most Goths dye hair black after dying the hair a solid black or dark brown, the hair is resistant to taking color. After a week, section out where hair is will be streaked in red, green, blue, or violet, dip the tooth brush in hair peroxide to remove the color. It takes between 20 to 30 minutes to process. Wash hair and after an additional week of sun exposure the pallet is ready.

Bobby pins, elastic bands and small plastic bags help separate the streak; however, dark hair dye only makes the section slightly darker, so every time it is bleached, it is lighter. Eventual streaks are almost white so they become vivid and the rest of the hair is tinted to a complimentary color. Repeat the process every couple months to cover the roots. Remember to follow through from roots to ends.

Fiery hair is achieved with a simple technique focusing on roots and ends. Essentially, it layers hair color. Relating to original hair color and builds with alternating blond, copper and burnet making natural hair color is a moot point. It is also a severe contrast to creating solid color, because it isn't repeatedly started at roots to ends.

Layer-in a distinctive color during the first application. For brunets and red head, it is a blond wash. For blondes it is a dark copper. Every couple months alternate between a light blond, copper and brunet. For longer hair dilute two ounces of dye with three ounces of developer or dilute it more than the recommended amount. For shorter hair dilute the dye with twice much developer and focus on roots. For extremely short hair let the dye set on the roots for ten minutes before combing it out to the ends. Regularly scheduled haircuts establish the differing hair colors.

Developer lightens the hair, so the fiery look is always improving without the use of bleach. Use 30 or 40 strength developer for better affects on dark hair. It is only processed for 30 to 40 minutes and time starts when the dye touches the hair. Focus on hairline and part first. I'll often create multiple parts, applying dye to the crown immediately, gently rubbing the dye towards the scalp. Next, glop and rub dye into the ends. Glob and rub dye one the back of the head down into the main body of the hair to avoid breakage. Use a large tooth comb to disperse the dye evenly making sure it is covered from root to end. After 30 minutes wash the hair thoroughly, making sure the dye is completely neutralized.

Keeping scalp and hair follicles in good condition is extremely important. Avoiding chemical damage is as easy as pacing color treatments and thoroughly washing hair out with abrasive shampoo. I often pair an inexpensive, abrasive shampoo with an expensive conditioner or leave-in conditioner. Abrasive shampoo cleans the scalp between treatments, while the conditioner is provides lotion to keep it moist and in good health. One of my favorite leave in conditioners is Bio Silk. However, it is expensive. A less expensive leave in conditioner is fine.

Clinical treatment of hair often leaves out haphazard, chaos of real fire. Solid color and defined streaks are also beautiful. Similar to picking out a tattoo, achieving dreamlike hair is a commitment, so really think about the finished look before getting started.

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