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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goth Stereotypes

Being a person around a lot of Goths and Industrialites, growing up and currently, it amazes me how many stereotypes there are about the culture. My belief is people begin blurring Goth Culture with values and religions. When younger, though never thinking much about it, I had a friend who thought Goths represent individuality even when sitting in a Goth Coffee Shop with black and red walls. Everyone was dressed in black. Industrialites wear combat boots. The sentiment is enjoyable, yet I don't know if she ever made an attempt to stop placing Goth Culture into a tiny box.

People attempt to justify information through hearsay, yet when attempting to locate proof of the statement, it is difficult. Most Goths are attracted to the fashion and ambience created through decor and music. For most Goths it is never more complicated than this and if a person asked why they wear black they would become silent in an attempt to understand someone who does not understand.

People are always attempting to figure out why Goths wear black. There was even an announcement that only Goths wear black, yet accountants and most people working in conservative and professional careers wear black. I see people who are not Goth wearing black on television and jogging around the park. Somehow my black shorts with a green stripe are Goth on my body, but not other joggers I suppose.

Another misfortune is in summing up Goth Culture into materialism. Somewhat observable, I have known Goths that will spend money on Victorian Clothing and Costumes. It is unfortunate when they wear the same outfit constantly, as the people of Victorian Times did because there was a shortage of clothing. Some compete with extravagant jewelry purchases. This is an interaction defining a higher sense of grouping, not individuality.

The other half of this is an assumption people who don't spend money on anything are attempting to deprive themselves of wealth. I have known Goths who are celibate. Immediately people envision a priest whipping themselves for impurities. These people have full lives, jobs and friends. Though I will agree it is an awkward declaration. Even though I have not had sex in over five years, I will not declare celibacy.

Having a strong interest in Industrial Lite or Goth Industrial, it is appalling that "Working in the Industry" has become a method of asking if someone is a pornographer. It was shortened to, "Are you Industry?" This sounds a lot like Industrial. However, it is like the majority of mainstream vocabulary that was twisted into sexual perversions. Some statements are: "Working-Girl," "Pro" and "Professional." This is sad for everyone; wherein, woman with a job might think, "Yes, I am a working-girl. I am really proud of turning eighteen and getting a job as a receptionist." I used to think of Pro-Ball Players when hearing Pro. As for Professional, it is a common term for anyone on salary who wears a suit to the office as a requirement.

Industrial music is provocative, political and religious. There are many concepts related to the woes of society. A person might assume Industrialites are stern and opinionated. Truthfully, they are probably united through listening too BBC and PR News when going to sleep. Being thoughtful does not imply violence or aggression. Going to many venues for listening to music or cultural experience, people knew martial arts to protect themselves, yet did not start fights. In fact, they would avoid conflict implying passivism.

In addition to a passive stance, most people dress the same according to what is in fashion. At one event everyone had one or all items: clip-streaks, long-sleeve shirt with a glossy finish, leather or vinyl pants and combat boots. I usually differ from everyone, yet managed to have shiny leggings and a short vinyl skirt. I prefer walking boots over combat boots.

Perhaps people are united through a common thought occasionally. Androgyny was and still is an issue in Goth and Industrial Culture. Goths usually maintain standard gender dress codes. Men dress like men, women dress like women and androgynies are both. Industrialites, at one time and it might be a current trend, diminish gender roles by preferring androgyny regardless of sexual preference. Exhibiting a gender is a political stance. It announces a desire to exploit gender when acknowledging a difference between men and women.

This might have been true a few years ago; however, everything constantly changes and it was a system within a smaller group of people. Eventually, new people joined. They offered new ideas and commonly accepted ideals changed. In reality, everyone is simply attracted to Goth and Industrial. They bring values and religions into the group; however, it does not define anyone. An experience with one person is an experience with that person. While Goths and Industrialites dress similarly because the unifying factor is an attraction to black or understanding the lyrics in a song, there is no bold statement that applies to the scene as though it were a charitable foundation, political movement or religion with a greater purpose than socializing with people.

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