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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Opinion about Vampires

Okay, I have an opinion about "Vampires." Attempting to talk around the subject of Vampires, specifically Vampires drawn to Goth Style, I really do not think they differ from regular human beings; except, feeling different than regular people.

It is likely Vampires feel different from people because of heightened senses due to a genetic abnormality with consequences of aches. They might feel less pain or emotional detachment, yet there are several explanations.

I have better than average hearing. Though not proven in a studying, it probably relates to having brittle bones. It does not affect motion, like people with a higher severity of the syndrome, yet cartilage in the ears might be more sensitive to sound. Unfortunately, it also affects bone structure and women with larger breasts usually suffer back pain. I have a dull ache that probably shuts down nerve sensitivity. These are several reasons to believe I am a Vampire, yet I am not a Vampire.

There is no desire to drink blood. There is no desire to avoid sunlight. I enjoy jogging in the park during the summer and tanning to gain healthy looking skin. I am not adept to seeing in the dark. My night vision is average. No full moon equals difficulty seeing anything. I am almost positive any method of death will kill me, not just a wooden stake (even though I am not willing try any life-threatening method to verify this statement).

In my opinion, Vampires are people experiencing something making them feel unusual. Currently, people are harassing and analyzing everyone in an attempt to live longer lives. The behavior is aggressive and making everyone act less than appropriate.

I remember the height of the HIV scare. When people found out it can be transmitted through sex Hispanics were ostracized because it is assumed they are Catholic and will not use condoms; except, they do not have sex with multiple, unknown partners. Next Homosexuals were accused of the disease. Not for just spreading the disease without contraception. It was stated their ungodly behavior was a curse from God. Then they found HIV might originate in Africa; ergo, Afro-Americans brought the disease to the country. Eventually, a not too funny joke appeared. Paraphrasing, a Gay Black and Mexican went to Africa for vacation and one of them was bit by a monkey. Since Gays are perverts they spread the disease and that it the story patient zero in the United States.

It is cruel bigotry stimulating people's feeling of righteous and supporting behavior we all know is wrong. This behavior is affecting everyone; including, Goths. Someone might experience a return of harsh judgment if they accuse a Goth of promiscuous, unprotected sexual activity. Vampires drink blood and the use of sterile needles also raises concerns. I believe this criticism and harassment forces Vampires further into magical thinking. This magical thinking is a psychological barrier so they are capable of functioning in normal society.

Similar to a bully in school who was rewarded for appropriate violence like defense and then they began to fight with anyone to feel the same amount of appreciation until it was no longer appreciated. People made justifications to behave inappropriately. It is disgusting and must stop so people are allowed to heal emotionally and physically. In addition, if someone dies, it is murder unless acting in self-defense. I really do not imagine any scenario; wherein, a person grew fangs and lunged at anyone.

Perhaps they will still identify themselves as Vampires. I believe genetic "disorders" gave people an advantage in hunting, gathering and several necessary survival skills; therefore, giving them preference in breeding as a part of natural evolution. It is determined there is no physicality to identify HIV. Even getting blood tests does not determine someone was engaging in activities making them a higher risk. I spoke about HIV and do not have it. I donated blood to Red Cross twice last year and they check blood for diseases I've never heard of before. Harassment is uncivilized and needs to stop immediately. It is already becoming apparent people are aimlessly harassing people because they will get away with it. Some might even be encouraging the activity.

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