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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goth Club Life

For everyone interested in Club Life, I have compiled a list maneuvers for consideration. Some call it scruples. Some call it morals. Some call it boundaries. Some call it streetwise. In any event, seeking notoriety and success might cause harm.

For as many people who rose to the top and live a normal or fantasy lifestyles the path is paved with those who lose at life. Every city and culture has basic rules for gaining popularity. This popularity is measured in free passes to parties, friends, relationships and stuff, yet basic rules apply to everyone.

- Do not take anything. Everyone is excited by free stuff. It is amazing when inspiring someone with a persona, outfit or friendliness. Sometimes people want to give gifts. It is a validation of accomplishment. It feels great and might cause jealousy or competition; however, gifts are achievement gained without threats or nagging.

Benefits and noticeable attractiveness causes jealousy. In desperation there are those who feel bitter and want to use threats to gain gifts; however, they will be asked to leave. Creating tension usually result in consequences. Work on persona and being friendly. Do not show weakness by begging for money in the parking lot.

- Listen to instinct. Gifts are wonderful; however, I listen to my instincts. Even when gifts are freely given, when feeling it is a ploy or bait, I won't take the gift. Yet, on occasion people wanted to give me special items, because they already felt as though I inspired them through reminding them of a better time or raising their spirits. These gifts are appreciated and treasured. I do not need the gift and never want to be in a position of desperation. Jobs, school any productive life is important to balance Club Life.

- Pay for admission and drinks with cash. I do not go anywhere without a minimal amount of cash for necessities. People might know your name and charge drinks to your tab as a joke. This was a difficult lesson when a tab for two over a short period of time was much larger than expected. Unable to identify the person or people in a crowded club, I let it go and paid the tab. In addition, keep drinking to a minimum, because carrying a large amount of cash is dangerous.

- Be a friend. Even when needing something, I always find a method to balance favors. When needing assistance from a friend, maintain the friendship. People get in trouble when admitting they need assistance or disrespecting people who are nice to them. This stigma decreases an ability to gain favor in the future and also attracts people who think they can be bought.

Club Life is insane with unique detriments, especially if gaining any amount of popularity even lesser amounts of popularity. There is a plethora of deserved and undeserved gossip. Frequently, this revolves around what other people want from you. Most of the time everyone wants to have fun and get invited to the party, while another sees a sea of innocence and vanity to be plundered for their own selfish desires.

- Think of yourself occasionally. I believe predators hide in large groups. Similar to gossip surrounding a minor having sex predators protect themselves by saying the child wanted it; they were molested by a parent, or they are as guilty as me so why should I suffer. Club Kids, Goths and several other groups have similar reputations. Realize when someone is expecting or taking too much time, money or reputation. While feeling empathetic and wanting to help everyone, take care of yourself too.

- Identify abusive behavior. What you did, what was said or anything reason is circumstantial. Their only goal is to have sex, find a sex worker, sell drugs, make money illegally; therefore, do not throw away security. They want to walk away without harm to themselves so it is in their interests to make people completely reliant on them.

Someone might offer security, popularity or a better life. In exchange leave existing friends, family, vocation and protection under the law to reap the reward. Promises to pay for everything might diminish self-reliance and potentially an inability to leave; therefore, they can make unreasonable demands. Disgrace is standard. Gifts might be a lure or bait into isolation. Fighting back verifies delinquency. The only real defense is to care about people and continually work on personal improvement.

Being able to avoid problems completely is the best option. Regardless of responsibility if something happens there is a matrix of divided interests and a lot of gossip that can place people into vicarious situations. This does not imply unpopularity is better. Isolation also makes a person easier prey. Signs of success, popularity, accomplishment might be the only methods of protection against deviants, so don't give it away.

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