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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goth House

In the United States of America, even business textbooks mention Entrepreneurs going to Japan to learn how to manage businesses effectively. In this study the use of Houses to create company loyalty to increase productivity is becoming an issue. In the beginning of my life many people of many different lifestyles and preferences spoke to each other freely. This became a lifestyle of the past as more people identify themselves as a group.

What does this mean in the United States and similar countries? The United States was developed through the thoughts of Existentialism and the Enlightenment. Everyone evaluates according to merit. Everyone has protection under Federal and State Government to own property and take chances in Free-Markets. Any attempt to interfere with these rights is an abomination. Only a few decades ago desegregation became important to reinforce laws protecting the rights of individuals.

This new grouping via style of dress and preference in music might have a legitimate value, yet when separating people, declining job offers or inhibiting opportunities legal issues arise though social arenas remain free. It is not a separation via race, gender or religion; therefore, laws will not interfere. Every Goth should be aware of the growing and very real life circumstance, especially since several Goths promote individuality.

Separation into groups by choice is a better option than separation by birthright according to the laws and values everyone agrees are correct. A person has protection of their neighborhood and family as a youth. Then teens chose personal preferences with appealing music and images. This allows people to remain in a community; wherein, people practice, "Treating thy neighbor as you would be treated." Even atheists find value in some Christian teachings.

This allows groups to form without inhibitions when find interests and skills. As time passes there is noticeable division in groups finding niches according to group, not merit. Country is finding a niche in farming and ranching. Opera and Polka are being drawn to hospitalities. Pop Culture is overtaking art and fashion. Folk is finding a place in philanthropy. Hip-Hop and Rock is finding opportunities in machinery and construction. Goth, though in serious denial, is drawn to atheism. Atheism, Goth, Industrial and Classical are producing science. Musicians, Radio Stations, Film Industry and Television Broadcasting are all fighting for rank, because the Media has an overwhelming affect on the entire nation.

According to the rules of everything flowing from the top down, these inhibitions are becoming more apparent in upper level, executive careers. This is not too common yet the divide is becoming more iconic as years pass. There is no reason to block a Goth from becoming an Environmentalist participating in philanthropy or a chef at a restaurant, yet there does appear to be a connection between music, personality and belief.

With interest in the environment, there are several Environmentalists that might envy my ideas in reducing the carbon footprint or notice how well I live while reducing waste. It is personal belief creating common interests, yet in social situations or advancing in an occupation I would have to completely change my life and perform disagreeable tasks. I am not going to participate in group bathing in the rain outdoors. I will never spike a tree to protect and endangered species or laugh in agreement that is not somehow totally insane to harm a lumberjack. It is not what I am about and apparently why I will never really be, "... one of them." This is fine.

This has become a limit of merit. Unfortunately, though several people throughout the United States including Goths say merit is the only determining factor of a person, there is a higher occurrence of rewarding an occasional token to say, "Hey, we are not bigots." This divide is happening without control except when escalating to an illegal activity.

What does a Goth do? I have offer helpful tips in other articles. Invite friends to work at the same job. Become the mentor to a group of people that is useful to the company. They want qualified people who feel comfortable at work. This opens higher job levels. They need a person who talks with everyone during a crisis.

What does this mean to society? The ultimate functionality of Houses has a primary company or purpose to society, such as: beauty, innovation, protection or spirituality. There are people at the top making decisions and workers with varying interests to make it so each House has everything they need, though outsourcing other Houses when needing the highest level of quality in relation to a specific product. For example an innovative business wants their office to be beautiful and spiritual. They hire from the House of Beauty to pick a complimentary color scheme and House of Spirituality to place furniture with accordance to Feng Shui.

Hundreds or Thousands of people depend on the success of leaders. Houses are chosen at birth and there is no easy way to change. Interaction outside work or school has limitations. This activity has real consequences resulting in severe poverty and war. Maintaining order is a level of frightening levels, most people in the United States cannot fully understand, though everyone wears whatever they want.

There is another option to keep Houses under control by remaining conscious of merit. This keeps education and work opportunities open to everyone. Companies prosper because they hire the most eligible candidate regardless of appearance. Social life has limitations, yet families do not have to turn on each other because their children find other interests.

Everything remains good for everyone, with an occasional fear of going into the wrong bar or finding it better to talk about interests with people outside the group in open forums, at work and at school. People continue to force Goths into their own group that believes in individuality that explains individuality as a group. Groups protect territory through malicious gossip and promote grouping through action to prove we should not trust people outside the group or one a personal House, explaining Houses in association to the United States. Logically, according to the order I posted, work and interests would be rearranged to First House if imitating Asia. This is comfortable to most people.

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