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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goth Feminism

Goth Feminism is similar to English Feminism. Previous to the Feminist Movement in the United States, feminism means an appreciation of feminine qualities. Before Queen Elizabeth was born in 1533 there were debates over the value of women to society beyond bearing and raising children.

This principle is true in both forms of feminism, yet English Feminism emphasizes the qualities of women, instead of, making women masculine. This is also a premise of Taoism extending over thousands of years; wherein, qualities of women receive glory as being intellectual contributors to solving problems.

Queen Elizabeth is a Notorious Warlord who ended the war with Spain. Tactics include hiring Sailors to imitate Pirates, so the Crown could destroy targets on the open seas without appearing violent or provoking war. She also is known for elaborate clothing and chatter to undermine Kings and Diplomats to maintain England during her long reign as Monarch of the country.

This is only one form of showing how unique qualities of women have value. Mostly women are known as nurturing. Women raise children. There is an automatic training that might relate to biology. Women are frequently better at relaxing and maintaining a even temper, while men are know to be spontaneous. Women spend a great deal of time reflecting on events, while men soar to meet challenges. Together women remain calm to calm men before men retaliate in a mannerism that might cause devastating conflict. Women reflect on details between people to prevent men from instating punishments that encourage suffering.

Exulting women implies an emphasis on the contributions of women though understanding the importance of making money and gaining territory is in association to masculinity. Often when engaging an enemy constant defense forces a person into desperation. It is important to maintain offense so when ground is lost is merely releasing what they gain, instead of, losing everything.

Goth Feminism celebrates feminine characteristics. This does not imply men and women behave similarly, have expectations to behave similarly or enjoy the same activities. Men and women occasionally dress similarly. It is nice having matching outfits. Women find dressing men fun and men find identifying their lover in a large group of people fun. This tendency to find couple dressing similarly, women dressing similarly to men or men dressing similarly to women does not equal men thinking they are women or women thinking they are men.

Beyond appearance men are masculine and frequently insist on buying drinks for women. Even in instances when a lovely woman invites a unappealing friends, the man buys the drinks for both women because they are women. Sometimes a man buys drinks for a woman to attract beautiful women to himself. This ploy is masculine because it entertains a sexual motivation. Frequently men complain about needing more money because being a man is expensive.

Assessments for women relate to health and attractiveness. Attractiveness might include intellectual and nurturing qualities. Since women have value beyond pregnancy there is also a social function of caring and protecting people in the group with the methods more familiar to women. Women primp their hair and lounge which feels natural and nice without the higher levels of stress. Everyone feels good about life and living.

Other factors for valuing women working and holding jobs is to share their wisdom. An extraordinary woman assists in raising society. Woman usually have an orientation towards detail. Typing, making rugs and other jobs spent sitting for a long time and fixating on tiny details attract women. This contribution to society provides a necessary intellectual outlet so women do not become restless and experience outbursts of negative behavior. Perhaps actions are not as dangerous, yet it complicates relationships and causes confusion.

While maintaining gender roles only the wealthy have the advantage of raising many children. Even when spending most time addressing a husbands needs and raising a large family women should be free to contribute to society when there is a need.

Goths are also open-minded. This means allowing people to live as they want. Feminine men are acknowledged as women, if they want. Masculine women are acknowledged as men, if they want. There are also people who modify the rules. I am a feminine woman, yet adjusting to the Feminist Movement buying my own drinks signifies a lack of courtship and desire to maintain a nonsexual professional or personal relationship with a man. This is my choice. I have heard one other Goth Woman who does this.

There are anomalies and especially young people have freedom to explore different ideals and experiment with philosophies to discover what they want or how to behave socially. This creates deeper insights about life, though the majority maintains women are women and men are men. As a woman it is easier to work and perform other tasks when acknowledging I am a woman contributing to society because of education and writing skills. Attempts to behave like a man are faulty because I do not enjoy violence, escalating issues or pressure tactics. Engaging people like a man would create an uncomfortable situation leaving me ineffective for several reasons.

It is important to understand Goth Feminism when approaching a large group of Goths. People notice men wearing makeup and women dancing with women. Men wear makeup because men originally wore makeup. Historically makeup was too expensive for women. Even in modern times, makeup is meant to make a person's features bolder and more powerful. Women often dance with other women because historically men and women dance separately to avoid misconduct. Only married couples or singles who wanted to find a spouse were allowed to dance together. Most dances are solo. A higher emphasis on individuality rendered couples and group dances obsolete.

An outsider might think the concept of Goth Feminism is sexist, yet it exults both women and men for having noble qualities. Being allowed to do what you enjoy most is wonderful. Women can be cute and playful. Men can be dominating and sexual. Everyone is happy.

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