Goth Ilk: Rice and Barker

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rice and Barker

Ann Rice

The Queen of the Damned Ball is hosted every year on October 30th in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The biggest Vampire and Goth bash of the year, it is based on Anne Rice's book series that includes bestseller "Interview with a Vampire."

After a rousing night with special guest Anne Rice, Halloween is celebrated in full masquerade during the Lestat Vampire Ball. Goth bands perform live; however, the best part of the ball is the elaborate costumes of various patrons who hail from all over the world.

The Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club carries on the tradition that began several years ago. According to her current biography she is living happily in the California desert. It is impressive how she built and maintained methods of keeping in touch with her fans. Going beyond the regular sale of goods, she embraces Goth Culture by developing a fun creative outlet for all Goths, Horror Buffs and Vampire Enthusiasts. The Queen of the Damned Ball is something everyone should try out at least once.

Clive Barker

Clive Barker was born in England on October 5, 1952. He is a well-known Writer, Film Director and Artist. His career began with a collection of short stories "the Books of Blood" after developing a written style at Liverpool University.

Often categorized as metaphysical fantasy and horror, philosophy is in all of his work. It adds the appealing edge and detailed carnage to tales. Recently, he released another short story entitled "In the Hills, the City." It is a politically orientated story shrouded in commentary on communism. Two cities bind themselves together to create a giant. A surprising twist appears when it isn't clear if he is endorsing capitalism or communism, though everyone dies in the end.

Though he wrote many books and plays, Hollywood scripts made him famous. Directing Hellraiser and the Hellbound Heart, Stephen King is rumored to have said Clive Barker is the best new horror author. This may be the catalyst to the Hollywood Limelight, a fortunate event.

Clive Barker's career worked well with the rise of Goth Culture. He expresses himself through experimental artistry, maintaining a bridge between visual and written stimulus for upcoming Artists. Whether or not he is a Goth is unverifiable; however, he wears black in most of his photos. Regardless, he contributed a lot and promoted gay rights openly.

The interview reveals melancholy tendencies towards life. He describes himself as secretive. His teacher describes him as older beyond his years. Even in the earlier years, his artistic expression was horrific, yet balanced with reasonable insight. Is this Goth or not Goth? Most people agree horror is Goth regardless of writer's intent.

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