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Monday, August 24, 2009

Gaul and Goth

It is strange. For some reason information about prehistoric Gaul is missing from the internet. Most people in Western Europe and United States are obsessive over Greco-Roman Culture. History seems to begin around the military campaigns of Caesar and Alexander the Great, save an elusive map on Mediterranean Civilization. Maps from the turn of the century show how Goths were suppressed in Western Europe. Therefore, the information is backwards on several sites who claim Goths originated in France. One map identifies in Africa.

Visa-Goths and Vandals spread out from a similar location in the east. Theoretically, this location would encompass all known cultures at the time. Though descriptions of the people are limited, they are described as wearing pants. The genetic traits were numerous from monstrous to fine and beautiful. Therefore, I believe it was the first cultural melting pot. Agrippa verifies the Goth Capital is further east than Eastern Europe. One search instance produces a land called Magog. It has Five Providences. However, going even further back Gaul was only a small territory along the foothills of the Tibetan Mountain Range.

Gaul was originally the Four Corners of the World. They do not have much documentation, except, in Mongolia, China and Greece. It grew because of the convenient location for major trade routes between the four major cultures of the time: China, Africa, Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Back then territorial lines were less presumptive. The empire grew and sought to take over new lands. They spread by conquering regions to the west. They had an encounter with the Roman Empire, before the Roman Empire sought world domination.

The Druid Geomancer refers to the commonality of five sons in several myths of creation, including: Greek, Hinduism and Druidism. However, most of Ireland has conveniently decided the story, wherein, a woman gave birth to five sons who would populate the earth in a cave deep within the heart of Ireland as a mishap spread after the attack of the Firebog or the five divisions of Ireland.

There is a story related to the five emperors in Chinese prehistory (2850 BC to 2205 BC). This story has a documented history. It is odd how a similar story of creation involving five sons, mountains, territories, and etcetera should be spread across such vast distances. Considering war and military conquest, it could be normal. There are signs of sharing and incorporating Gods and religion in the Greece and Druidic religions. An obvious comparison is the Horse Woman of Greece and Rhiannon, the Woman riding a White Horse of Druidism.

This does not mean Gaul inhabited this entire region; however, as a major trade route many stories were spread and brought back to various cultures. When attempting to interpret Modern Goth Culture, it is important to understand a handful of concepts. Goth was a term used by the English to call someone a barbarian. This stems from the Vandals. The Visa-Goths were mercenaries. Goths were multicultural and considered to be an advance culture. They benefited form learning all cultures. The true bias of their religion is allusive; except, it was a hybrid of all religions.

People want to inhibit Goth Culture by making it into a historical reference. However, if researching non-essential and completely irrelevant interpretation in relation to Modern Goth Culture that stems from insulting emerging Post-Punk Bands, Goth is not a race or culture. Even if wanting to imitate the culture, you will find Goths are open to different ideas. In fact, they appear to be successful from capitalizing on multiculturalism and diversity.

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