Goth Ilk: Lilac Scented

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lilac Scented

Siouxsie Sioux was born in London in 1957. After attending Mottingham Secondary Modern School for Girls in Kent she joined the popular post-punk revolution. In 1976, Siouxsie and the Banshees were formed. They are often credited as the inspirational and driving force behind Goth Rock.

Somewhat punk with an artistic flair, it is easy to make association between Post-Punk bands and Goth after "the Passenger."

Knowing the right people helped her career, yet women artists often feel alone in the Goth Scene. Compiling a list of various artists, each band is different and unique. Some have metal leanings like Flyleaf. Some have a softer vocal presence like Edie Brickell. Some are lead singers for male bands like the Distillers. Some are all women bands like Kittie. Some sing for bands and some are solo artists.

Johnette Napolitano is the singer and songwriter for Concrete Blonde. Known for poignant lyrics, she wrote "Bloodletting," often called, "the Vampire Song." She also wrote "Tomorrow Wendy." I recall hearing Concrete Blonde was introduced to the Goth scene by Lou Reed, because we needed a female presence in the primarily male dominated subculture. However, Concrete Blond was already an established band, before their hit song "Johnny" topped charts in during the 90s.

All of these women are intelligent, powerful singers and songwriters. If you haven't noticed a female presence in the Goth Scene, you're dead inside. One of the prospective founders of the subculture is a woman.

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