Goth Ilk: Preeminence of Physical Attraction

Monday, December 21, 2009

Preeminence of Physical Attraction

Goth Culture is establishing ideals of quantifying a way of life, so others may respectfully join. However, a certain type of physical attractiveness is required. Is it because Goth lacks any common divider beyond sexuality, similarly to how every generation throws off parental control by finding a new trend and identity, or Goth Culture is amazingly shallow. All of these reasons combined with a false sense of vanity are imposed on generations by trend marketers to sell clothing lines and style. Though Goth maintains a unique style, style is necessary to fit in.

Sometimes the Goths differentiate by extending into historic cultures. This stems from a romantic inclination. Decorations and clothing in Victorian and Quaker designs, many want a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It expresses intelligence, class and style.

Values common to the X and Y Generation become apparent by emulating Contemporary or Modern Culture. People became jaded by trend marketing and want to be left out of society. A strong desire to be unique, set trends and not become a victim of capitalism has created retaliation against mainstream. Lacking community spirit independence is important.

Maintaining a reputation some people establish they don't care by aimlessly lash out against all judgments creating unique appearances not associated to Goth Culture. Many target successful Goth Companies, instead of, creating alliances. Depending on mainstream companies with no loyalty to Goth Culture and creating another paradox of not looking Goth to look Goth.

If wondering why people were unreceptive and thought it was because you were not Goth enough think again. Read "Creating Confidence" to become socially acceptable. (Meditate on how everyone was talking to and intrigued by the attractive, muscular Goth.) Don't take anything too seriously apathy is attractive.

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