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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goth Vampirism

Vampires are controversial characters in Goth society. Believing they are misunderstood, the issue of separating Vampires from Goth Culture comes up often. Is this because they became overly associated to Goth Culture by the media or jealousy?

Mr. Mistoffelees and Jellicles probably make up the majority of Goth Culture. Vampirism is usually seen as a joke. The clothes and eroticism associated with Goth created a cultural movement, yet to actually believing someone is a Real Vampire is disparaging. Goths and Vampires have a thirst for knowledge; however, Vampires tend to being bizarrely melancholy and why they think they are a Vampire is questionable.

Goth is a style. Vampires or anyone should be able to participate in wearing or doing whatever they want, yet it appears only Vampires engaging in Goth Culture become public figures. Of course there is nothing wrong with this. Goths support open-mindedness and tolerance when approaching lifestyles. It is difficult to make any argument against anyone; however, encountering people who exemplify the animalistic hunt tendency portrayed in films, tension is steadily growing between factions.

It appears something compels them to believe this is based in reality. There are theories of angels mating with humans. Some offspring remained earthbound due to a greater tendency towards humanity. Some made comparisons to demons; however, it is quickly changed to daemon, which is not compelled by evil. They are similar to Oni with stronger inclinations towards humanity.

Perhaps they are psychic. Many people condemn God-given, natural abilities only few people exhibit. I believe psychics are old souls. Humans are meant to have a greater likeness to God. This likeness is more than mere physicality. After the Garden of Eden, people lost these powers; however, a soul might earn back parts of their full ability.

The most acceptable answer during modern, scientific times is people feel odd due to symptoms relating to illness or hide trauma through magical thinking. A person noticing personal difference from others may ponder if they are a Vampire. People suppressing trauma may want to avoid emotional pain or handle feeling threatened by creating a super-self who is immune or apathetic to harm.

Drinking or eating another's life energy is a sin. That is why animals are drained of blood during preparation. This is a controversial issue; however, a blood transfusion is essentially the same. People are willing giving life force in order to make another person's life tolerable. Perhaps there is a medical reason; however, I believe consuming blood weakens people.

There is clearly something happening and it is real. Anything real can be observed and studied. Historians decided Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess, was anemic. The iron in blood made her cheeks rosy convincing her blood was restoring her youth. Turns out protein and iron would have the same effect.

As usual, we are fearful of the unknown. Not all Vampires are Goth. We should learn to be more accepting of each other and stop hateful smearing of reputations. It is wrong to wish ill on others. These are their beliefs and we should give them as much consideration as they have given us.

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