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Thursday, November 26, 2009


People are often curious about Goth Religion. Truthfully, no one religion dominates Goth Culture; however, there are shared philosophical ideals. While each person has a practicing religion (mine is based on Judea-Christianity influenced through Taoism and Nihilism) most believe similarities within religions combine to find the "true" religion. In addition, regardless of practicing religion there is an overwhelming obsession with religions, cults, philosophies and anything recognizing a supernatural aspect between the heavens, mankind and earth even when practicing atheism.

Some may say investigating other religions is against Judea-Christian ideals, yet the people of Babylon were spread across the world. If each race is a piece in a giant puzzle, then finding the pieces and putting them together would reveal greater truths about human life on planet earth. Even if religion is only observations of people over many centuries, a great amount of wisdom can be gained.

Another part of this is recognizing corruption. It is commonly believed that no religion is pure. It was altered by people seeking to control the masses. Therefore, there are many smaller puzzles created by deviant minds mixed in with the true religion. This makes it difficult to assemble a correct portrait of the true religion.

Religionist Goths are also referred to as Uber Goths or Downers. Religionist Goths are fond of religion and able to speak intelligently about multiple religions. Visually there is a greater degree of variation. Religionists are influenced by their practiced religions. Several belong to cross-sections of society. It all depends on what interests the individual.

Some people assume religionists only wear non-brand clothing or vinyl and never look like a vampire. If they do, they moot the appearance and hide in the background. This is a misconception. Goths love excess and not all religions exemplify humility. In addition, gaming is bigger than ever. Belonging to Camarilla implies dressing like a vampire.

Why are Religionist Goths, Goth at all? Since the beginning of the Modern Goth Movement questioning government and religion is a common conversation. Captured in song it is possible to find at least one song questioning authority in any artist's collection. This tendency carries over into the subculture.

While Modern Goth started as a trend, I believe, it is becoming a movement. People are intensifying cultural norms every decade and created a recognizable society. Religionists do not establish any religion, yet they do function as a part of a distinct Goth Philosophy, such as: questioning authority and seeking fewer social boundaries.

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