Goth Ilk: Camarilla is a Role Playing Game

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Camarilla is a Role Playing Game

A prominent and confusing Goth Lifestyle involves Live Action Role Playing. When frequenting the local Goth Clubs and Coffee Shops, a person my see a Camarilla sign. This is not a fetish or bondage club running muck in basements around the world. They are playing a game similar too Dungeons and Dragons.

Camarilla stems from Vampire: Masquerade. The dictionary definition of Camarilla is, "Courtier to the King." World of Darkness manufactures the game. It is most popular in America and Brittan. They are numerous and score extra points by encountering other players outside scheduled events and lose points by breaking character.

Important to know the difference between Camarilla and Goths, Camarillas are kids or adults entertained by gaming. They enroll in college, work normal jobs and have normal lives. They know they are not Vampires, Werewolves, Sorcerers or whatever. They do not believe in magic. They are not sexually promiscuous. They are from good families. The only eccentric behavior is expressed through cast and character.

It is confusing. Here a few ways to identify Camarilla in game play. White Wolf is an established character. They may refer to "Masquerade Ball." They dress as vampires or according to their cast. (Characters are given a cast.) During game play velvet red ropes mark off areas of play. A sign is posted. It should say, "Camarilla, Live Action Role Playing in Progress." However, few people are aware what this signifies. When wondering through an area with a large number of people wearing black Goths tend to twist the obvious statement into something perverted.

People have a stereotypical viewpoint of Goth culture. The truth is it is filled with a variety of personalities and lifestyles. Assumptions get people in trouble; cause chaos, and harm innocent people. It also messes with people's minds. If attracted to Camarillas knowing something like Dion Fortune is a ghost hunter alienates you from the group.

By terminology elves exist. Goths identifying a "real" lifestyle are a different creed though the origination of modern Goth is based on popular 80s bands. Everyone cites different historical and visual evidence to validate life choices and there is a lot of disagreement. I will cover this section in greater detail at a future time.

A part of play is seduction points. If a seventeen year old kid is hitting on you, it is a good time to mention you are not role playing. Remember anything too good too be true is. Many attracted to the Goth Scene learn by imitation. Witnessing odd behavior creates inaccurate conclusions. If anyone in the Camarilla is reading this, I am never playing.

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