Goth Ilk: Saving Emo

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Saving Emo

Before Emo slips too far into the distance of advertising conglomerates it is important to document the culture. Emo, in itself, is not Goth. In fact, Emo stems from New Age music though possessing similarities to a style of Post-Punk called Dark Wave.

An emerging art form stemming from parents embracing the New Age Lifestyle, New Age is based on natural and synthesized landscapes of contemporary music. Ideally it relates to spiritual healing, herbal cures, self-help books and enlightenment. Often real Emo music is only a heartbeat away from New Age Music, such as: Yanni.

People created incorrect associations when listening to conversations against the angst filled youth of New Age Culture. With long piano composition and frequent woodwind, string and percussion accompaniment lyrics are less than self realizing as illustrated in Ben Fold Five's "Brick," and Bright Eyes' "Four Winds."

Incomprehensible how young adults are attracted to this music, advertisers made stories to sell miscellaneous wares. A true link to Goth Culture could exist when thinking of Dead Can Dance or Joy Division. A stronger bond to popular beginnings of New Age is more apparent: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, Howard Jones and Flock of Seagulls.

Tangerine Dream influenced many genres of music while watching films: the Keep, Legend and Firestarter. Formed in 1967, it has a modern classical component. Though synthesizers were not invented, they incorporate a variety of non-conventional instruments to create music. This concept is the basis of many Goth and New Age Bands. This trance type of ambient electronic is brilliant. Tangerine Dreams connects several musical genes, because while many people are not familiar with the name everyone has heard their music.

Some commonly accepted mainstream bands bridge all cultures because of the higher development of music: My Chemical Romance, 30 seconds to Mars, MGMT and Our Lady Peace are actually Goth Alternative Rock bands. Though it is understandable why My Chemical Romance is acceptable to Emo.

Mika skirts the lines between Punk Art and Emo. Modest Mouse also stems from a Punk style developed by Pixies which became Ska. Vampire Weekend incorporates an Emo feel along with Cold Play. This does not actually remove or dismiss them from Punk. Listen to Modest Mouse. They use standard instrument, such as: electric guitar and drums with a regular rock singer.

Far removed from the beginning of Emo I've heard Alternative Rock, Punk and Black Death Metal thrown into the Emo category. How could Black Death Metal and Steam Punk be in the same category as a style stemming from New Age Music? It is beyond the stretches of the imagination. Hopefully, this article will help save the culture from further dispersion into nothingness, becoming the colloquialism for "Teen." However, I would enjoy watching Contemporary dancers choreographed to Screamo.

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