Goth Ilk: Socs Verses Greasers

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Socs Verses Greasers

Similar to "the Outsiders" (available on DVD), Goths also have the proverbial battle between Jocks and Nerds, or Socs and Greasers. This takes place between those attracted to the dark and those freed by wearing black. Some say "Real Goth" verses "Poseurs;" however, the line is blurred as people join together in establishing a way of life.

To some, Goth is an inherent way of life. Whether attracted to dark imagery, such as: blood red on a canvas, death card in a tarot deck or full moon on a clear night. This innate attraction forms into a personal transformation of preferring black, nightlife and esoteric knowledge. Some relate through personal tragedy: depressed parent, death or dysfunctional family. The second event may or may not lend to an outward transformation.

Then there is the other type of Goth who is a normal person with normal values, in a good home with seldom tragedy and enjoys life completely. One day they ran out of clean clothes and went to church dressed in black. Suddenly they were interesting. People dated them. They made-out with people and were asked to parties. Life changed for the better. In addition, as an aberrant person, their boyfriend or girlfriend was okay with them dating multiple people. It became a license to live and break free from tradition. Stigma is then created.

Real Goths desire an otherwise normal life with monogamous relationships; aspire to happy families, and formalities of life. Internal unrest compels them to find solace in sounds of rain, starlit skies; sensitive lyrics; fantasies of the afterlife, and desires ultimate wisdom to console their heavy, tragic hearts. Morrissey (the Smiths) encompasses this way of life mind and spirit.

On the other-side, youth rebels desiring limitless freedom thrive on the attention. Invigorated, they capitalize on the Goth image. Everything is great and lurid. Even lying and cheating are amongst a viewpoint of limitless freedom and go about in a detrimental mannerism to sensitive counterparts whom shy away from limelight seeking contentment.

It is obvious how we bounce off each other always fighting for superiority and down the other. It is difficult to identify who is the Soc or Greaser. Socs are defined as popular, yet Greasers get beaten up more frequently behind the club or on playground. It is common for Real Goths to threaten a Poseur after any various claims rape, which is might be truthful, though the Poseur remains unaware of their lack of social graces. They are totally distant from how everyone else sees Goth as ignorant church playmates encourage them to be bad.

Still, I will associate Jocks with Real Goths. It is the languishing, sensitive artists who feel life at a deeper perspective attracting everyone to the group. In addition, I'm writing this article so it's whatever I say it is. Regardless, appearance is deceptive. From elegant waves of lavish fabrics to barely Goth drab colors reflecting tragedy, both lean towards a similar appearance. A person has to reach deeper to understand the personal motives bringing them into the Goth Scene.

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