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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Extreme Goth

The Goth Scene has two golden rules: be extreme and open-mindedness.

One of the major extremes is excess. Even the Goth Bible advertises to excessive Goths who need Vampires wine and expensive clothes. A life of excess also extends into finding new excess. Erotic activities; such as, feathers, candle wax, silk sheets, sadomasochism and orgies. Some find new pleasures in the area of clothing, food or attending lavish parties and clubs every night of the week. Need for extremes, creates eating disorders by being extremely thin or extremely fat; wherein, the only detestable trait is average.

The flip side is excessive pain, despair, isolation, intellectual pursuit and morality. Today's focus is on extreme pleasure, release and shallowness. Life is always fun, yet there is no in-between. How the majority of a person's time is what a person will have eventually. As an open-minded group people will not judge activities only evaluate in relation to personal desires. Anything a person can think of, there is a willing participant, so as a teen it is easy to navigate through various experiences to prioritize activities.

An activity a Goth might experience is club life. Club life can be great when someone dresses and dances well. Go out every night to all-ages clubs and spend late hours with friends at a house party. It can be time consuming. People may want alcohol or sex. A person decides if it is something they want to try out. However, laws regarding minors apply to Goths as much as the rest of society.

Perhaps clothing is the intrigue or maybe it is dance and exercise making the activity fun. Sometimes it is about attention and being accepted like a local celebrity. Whatever it is, decide quickly. People are confused when thinking sex means acting or violence means popularity. Sex equals sex. Violence equals violence. Acting equals acting classes. Dancing equals dance classes. Mechanics equals repairing cars. Writing equals writing classes. Animation equals drawing. A person ends up doing what they spend most of their time doing.

Another fun activity relies on stories of Lord Byron or Ancient Greeks to find avenues of decadence. Fairly reserved for the wealthy, they may enact a tradition of making nine to twenty courses of food for over fifty of their closest friends. Of course, no one can consume all that food in one sitting, so they purge food as they dine and drink various wines for an ongoing weekend of fun.

This sounds wonderful. Everyone enjoys knowing wealthy people; however, in order to fully participate in the grandeur of the allusion is recognizing roles. The person who pays for the feast is Caligula, while lesser roles are members of the court. The idea of attending one of these galas is somewhat threatening, because Caligula was not always well-mannered. Maturity exists when people realize nothing is for free.

Hopefully, the importance of selecting an extreme is obvious. As a youth there is plenty of time to try everything and decide what is really important in life; however, eventually a huge learning-curve appears as it is complicated going from sadomasochism to becoming a scientist. Perhaps the subscription to Popular Science was entertaining, yet it does not qualify someone for an internship; therefore, 80% of waking hours should be spent working towards making the glorious super self image come true. The other twenty percent is spent on thrills.

The only harmful activity is remaining "wishy-washy." A person cannot play be two super beings forever. People might have relationship problems. They pursue someone wanting to become a famous artist, yet enjoy orgies. The artist eventually decides they don't want that in their life. People going to orgies must realize it was their choice. There is someone for everyone. Many Goths entertain the most desirable mate is a nymphomaniac or asexual.

Recognize the importance of communication and consideration of desires. Often the casual sadomasochist showing up on the weekend to get tied up looks stunningly similar to the practicing or professional sadomasochist. The "weekend warrior" causes major damage to anyone demeaning their character through slander, let alone besmirching activities. This is similar to Vampires verses Camarilla. Turns out Live Action Role Players return to work and do not want an idiot spreading vicious lies about personal activities making it extremely dangerous to make assumptions when finding a large group of Goths.

Being in the Goth Scene is a great deal of fun. In fact, the emphasis on being and doing whatever you want combined with open-mindedness creates an accepting society based on second-chances and forgiveness. However, there is an emphasis on being intelligent, because when suffering duplicity all a person with hear is, "It was your choice."

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