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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goth Anime

Anime is a rising trend in the United States for decades. Starting as fun animation for adult audiences with movies, such as: "Fire and Ice" or "the Wizard," the younger generation is not as young anymore and many teens are drawn to new shows, such as: "Growing up Creepy" or "Danny Phantom." The newer integration of Japanimation frequently builds plots around traditional wisdom or popular gamers.

Older generations relate to Goth Anime through Hollywood productions like, "the Addams Family." It is fun and playful, attempting to promote cultural understanding. The premise and parabolic interpretation encourages people to be Goth Heroes.

As an extension of gaming: board, card, statue, online and dice, Goth Anime is recognizable amongst gamers, since they play similar games and watch similar programming. However, despite red piping, nylon, street gear and florescent accents in hair or on clothes, it appears every innovation is readily usurped by fashion designers looking for another great idea. Perhaps one day designers will be sued by Miramax, Disney, Nick-Toons or Magna; however, until that day, Anime remains a stealthy group amongst Goths.

How would someone identify them? Ask questions. Frequently age or practicing martial arts is a signal. Sometimes it is the presentation of stories. Sometimes it is as simple as asking if they watch animation or game.

On the bright side they are happy individuals seeking to discover a heroic form as a useful contributor to society. On the dark side they can form in to roving bands of vigilantes. While understanding the fantastical lives of Ichigo and Saya are exaggerations, they are not immune to extremes nature existing throughout Goth Culture.

There really is not too much too explain about Goth Anime. Frequently the people wearing black and playing around in the spirit realm are heroes. Inuyasha features Oni who battle for supremacy, while finding love. This premise is far from plotlines of United States Horror Shows; where it appears whoever wears black is safe from villainy. (I've decided this is another attraction to wearing black. In several horror movies wearing bright, colorful shirts antagonizes poltergeists. I wouldn't wear it.)

As another media promoted form of Goth promises from the director, writer and actors takes precedence in how they want to live, with later acceptance of less intriguing "real life." There is also a quickening. Teen Anime quickly turns to accepting real life. As adults most are prepared for computer related work, even though the mentality remains.

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