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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goth Tolerance

Being Goth offers the way of life promised in the United States Constitution. While majority vote wins, minority rights are protected.

People outside the Goth Scene wonder what is going on and why it appears everyone is gay, Satanists, vampires or had difficult childhoods? This is a misconception caused by overwhelming support for being open-minded and tolerant. When thinking of the many ways people chose to live life, we are a minority in one sense or another. Should I take away someone else's rights and hope to be protected by the larger group?

On the internet and media forums it appears most think all Goths are gay or lesbians. This is not true. In fact, the overall Goth population follows basic statics applied to all large groups. Most live a heterosexual lifestyle. There are philosophical deterrents against anyone attempting to harm or condemn homosexual lifestyle. One deterrent is the belief homophobes are outraged by homosexuals because conservative values make it impossible to "come out-of-the-closet."

This is only one deterrent. Not wanting to give the impression Goths are going to start fights over beliefs, I would like to tell a story about how Goths instigate social precedence. When I was a teen, it was discovered, a guy was harassing gay men. They found parks gays preferred and beat them up because they were tired of men flirting or touching them inappropriately.

Totally unacceptable to most Goths, not for homophobic, they attacked anonymous people. They did not make a direct attempt to resolve issues with the person or people harassing them. This is a sign of weakness and continues hostility beyond the two parties causing an issue. People are abrasive when people get hostile. In addition, they might be labeled a homophobic; however, no one understands why they could not say, "This is my space. You cannot go around touching people inappropriately and definitely not me, because I am not okay with this." (Not too mention I've heard cupping a man's gentiles with a hand is to verify if they are a sex-worker. If you are not, they need to know, even if resorting to violence.)

Sure, it is somewhat normal for a Goth, gay or straight, to get drunk and decide to fondle as many people as possible. There is no real reason. Goths tend to be knowledgeable of other cultures habits. At most, standing up to aggressive people causes a verbal discourse with gossip and catty maneuvering. However, I don't want to be sexually harassed by women or men. It is valid to resist intrusive people who ignore personal boundaries. In allowing people to live as they will it is an automatic expectation they will do the same in return. Of course, there are spinoff subgroups deciding they will go against everyone, including Goths, because it is what they want to do. It becomes confusing after a long time.

Tolerance is incredibly dissimilar to accepting everyone so much a person will do what everyone else is doing. There is an ethical line in Goth Culture. Most people believe in tolerance and being accepting of other people's cultures. Several people even go so far in an opposing direction they become ignored. Beating up people for no reason even though their group largely supports attacking other groups is essentially the same. People want to say it is different, but not really.

In the example of voyeurism and identifying people as wanting sex sends a message of enjoying sex. There are other people who already found they like sex also wanting sex and not get charged. It appears to be a happy resolution and finding new friends. This is also true in violence. It does not depend on who was violent or for what reason. You like violence and so do they. They found a new auxiliary. What a joyous occasion of finding compatible friendship. I enjoy hiking, difficult finding fellow hikers, if anyone is interested.

Most Goths prefer keeping issues of personal values to a verbal level. Perhaps the most threatening reason to restrain violent reaction is a subculture may decide they like fighting. There doesn't have to be a reason besides they enjoy fornicating and fighting. Basically, deciding to enjoy any violence means you participant in their hobbies and interests. This is also true of life. Therefore, beyond simply getting a better grasp on what all those weird Goths are doing, a person may also want to reflect on how they interact with others.

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