Goth Ilk: God is Guth

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

God is Guth

Reading "Three Books of Occult Philosophy," I found information related to Goths! Beyond already cited reference to identifying a geographical location for the Goth Empire, there is a further reference to another Goth. This Goth is said to be different, because Gott is the name of the chief God in an Icelandic religion. This is interesting, because according to on-line texts Gott is good in German, yet according to the book Gott or Guth is God in Germanic languages. God is Gud in Danish.

There is a substantial difference between the Danish and German languages. A simple word like cookie is platzchen in German and smakage in Danish. Thinking about it, German is similar to Mandarin in several ways. It emphasizes "chen" and deemphasizing "er." Danish has a lot of "k" and "awe" sounds throughout the language.

The book identifies the two cultures as two separate entities; however, they might stem from a similar background. This particular citation is in contemplation of "the blessed spirits of the anamastical order." Stories claim, "The king of the Goths, wandered in the deserts of Scythia in Asia beyond the marshes of Meotis." Finding a map, Scythia is north-east of Arabia; therefore, not in modern Asia. Instead, it is around the location of Magog, according to Druidic maps.

The story goes on to say, "There being impregnated by fauni (female deities) and satyrs (male deities), brought forth the first Huns." Fauni and Satyrs are types of "Gods." This is a snippet of cultural knowledge, well known during Agrippa's time, to establish a shared philosophy of Gods intermixing with humans causing children who rise to heaven or remain earthbound. It could imply interracial marriage. Intimating ideals of creature spirits there is substantial evidence Goths originate from Asia.

Unable to find much information about Gott or Gotland; therefore, associated to Nordic cities. Gott is described as a mighty warrior riding a horse. Gotland might be near the United Kingdom. There is a town named Gott in the Sheltland Islands. There is no way to determine if people heard Gott and named the city or the name was carried over from ancient times.

The name of Gott becoming God is hardly mentionable. It was historically easier to use the existing name of the creator in a religion over attempting to make indigenous people understand God has different names. If any conspiracy exists, it is in association to a platform; wherein, people adapted Taoism to Judaism or Christianity. It is not the first time I have heard this theory. A Christian sect once explained after Jesus was born they fled to the east and later reappeared in Israel. There was an abundance of time Jesus may have been raised in "Asia."

The murky water potentially implying heresy is if people thought all knowledge was gained through neighboring countries not God. Though there are some similarities in ethical treatments. It is possible people were observing God's work similarly and multiple cultures while in contact with God. I believe each culture made a contract with God involving generations, not just the Jewish people. Even it was a collaborative effort; information in "Existence of God" is completely unexplainable.

Though modern Goth Culture is largely a media spectacle without any particular race, religion, ideology or substance, fact-finding is fun. The original utterance of "Goth" came from somewhere. There is also a large amount of traditional Asian influence in Goth music. It is almost as though musicians were attempting to create Asian influenced music after Led Zeppelin became popular and teens listening to the music were too inept to make a connection between the two ideas.

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