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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bottom Up: Shoe Guide

Finding a good shoe prevents shin splints and develops a positive image. An excellent shoe is divided into three necessities: comfort, function and style.

Arch support prevents shin splints. There are three major types of feet: high-arch, medium-arch and flatfeet. Find an arch type by dampening the bottom of the feet and stepping on a piece of paper or cement. A person with a high-arch does not touch the paper between the heels and toes. A person has medium-arch when the outer section of the foot touches the paper. A person has flat feet if the footprint is solid with no break on either side. High-arches need arch support to brace the middle of the foot. Medium-arched need support on the inside curve of the foot. High-arch support or lack of arch support causes shin splints during vigorous activity. Flat feet remove insoles or buy insoles without arch support. It is best to find and buy products to fit shoes or premade shoes fitted to your feet.

Exercise, work and activity determine the function of a shoe. Jogging shoes have curved soles along the toe and heel to work with the fluid movement of running. Flat soles set evenly on the ground to create stability are better for someone who is on their feet all day. Dance shoes often have a flat heel with a curved toe. The combination creates a way for a person to step in and out while creating stability. The dancer moves freely without falling.

Style is complex. Social standards assist in picking an appropriate shoe. Look at the people you revere while at work and play. Material, color, and shape are all expressions of person's lifestyle. Refer to "Catch Goth Shoes," to get an impression of acceptable footwear for Goths.

Materials are individualistic and functional. Leather shoes are conservation. They are easy to care for and durable. Suede shoes are less common and have special care instructions; therefore, they are reserved for evening and play. Shoes made from recycled goods are growing in popularity. They are easy to care for, durable and make a personal statement. People living in warmer climates often avoid completely leather shoes. A shoe that breathes is preferred. This accomplished with slits along the toe or side. Running shoes cover the openings with fabric. Sandals and flip flops are also a viable option.

Shoe color is utilized in a variety of ways. As an accessory, shoes tie an outfit together by coordinating with an outfit. One way to accomplish this is matching shoes to a belt. Black shoes are the most conservative shoe color. The general rule is to never wear white shoes between Labor Day and Easter Sunday. Men wear brightly colored shoes to bring attention to their feet and make them look larger. Women prefer mooted colors to move the focus away from the feet. As these are all related to fashion, every rule was meant to be broken; however, know the rules before breaking them.

Shapes in the toe and heel cause different effects. A rounded toe makes feet look smaller. A pointed or square toe make feet look longer. A high-heel compensates the effects of a pointed toe. The pointed toe extends the length of the foot while making a person look taller; therefore, feet appear to be proportionate. Platform shoes increase height; however, the foot may look smaller unless the sole is a neutral or mooted color.

Commonly there is a separation between day and evening: work and play. Never wear a heel higher than two inches before five in the evening or when at work. The only exception, high heels are work related. Talk show hosts and promotional models are excused while performing their tasks. It is considered trashy to continue wearing high heels during daytime hours when no longer in the public eye. High heels are associated to going out to dinner and clubs. Convention settings day or evening require a lower heel to earn respect. A low heel says, "I am wearing comfortable shoes because I have a lot of work to do." A high heel says, "I sit around a lot and don't plan on doing much more than talking. I want to limit walking and standing."

Shoes express information about an individual; however, not following standard rules may make a person look foolish. Shoes are a personal. No one is telling people what kind of shoe they should wear at the club. High-heel, no heel or platform everything is alright. Sometimes people are bold and appear insecure when utilizing a fashion fix. Some people want to dodge attention and play the conservative route. In the end shoes are the number one vehicle so make sure they are comfortable and functional.

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