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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pick a Hairstyle

Picking the best hair style for an individual's face shape and complexion is a difficult task. Personal style is realized by following a few simple rules. Knowing some basic terms assists in translating vision to hairstylists.


Identify face shape to identify information like hair length and volume. Measurements are two-dimensional images like a mirror. Do not place measuring tape on your face. Cheeks, jaw and forehead are measured horizontally. Forehead to chin is measured vertically.

Diamond face shapes are easy to work with. Almost everything looks good; however, equal volume above and below the cheeks is more appealing and look best with short hair. Create volume near jaw and chin. Oblong face shapes avoid volume. Keep hair close to the face. If a person has naturally curly or wavy hair, try an up do. Oval face shapes must have long hair. Other than keeping the frame around the face there is no other inhibition. Round face shapes must avoid volume around the cheeks. Add curl, wave and volume below the cheeks. Square face shapes need volume on top of the head and tapper volume closer to the ears.

After identifying the face shape, figure out hair color. Hair color is determined by season. Refer to "Pick a Season" to find your season. There are recommended hair colors for each season; however, any color within season's template is complementary. Spring seasons look good in true colors, while autumn seasons look good in copper tones. Winters look good in warm mooted colors, while springs look good in cool mooted colors.

Hairstylists also have swatches; however, figure out a color before getting the hair cut. Do research before an appointment. Beauty supply stores offer a variety of hair swatches. Look at tones of each hair sample. Hold swatches against your face to imagine the overall color. Ask a clerk to help or bring a friend to find out what they think. Select the one that is most complimentary and inspires a desired look.

Communicate your vision to the hair stylist. Hairstylists look at images and translate it into shapes and dimensions. A person could draw placement of shapes in a sketch, yet most people are not artists. Flip through magazines, surf the internet or printout a picture of your favorite movie star and take it to the hairstylist. This gives them a visual standpoint. If you don't have a picture, show up to the appointment early and look at magazines to identify a style direction. Remember rules for face shape when selecting a style or two. Everything might not be in one picture. Even saying, "I have a heart shape face so it should be shorter with volume around the jaw;" is better than, "Surprise me."

Communicating with stylists is important; however, being able to envision perfect style makes the greatest difference. If shy or overly chatty, it is easy to forget the subject. Jot down face shape, preferred length, season and color. Give them this information and picture when they ask what hairstyle you would like. It is bond to end in a favorable success.

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