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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Core Components of a Healthy Appearance

The number one component of a healthy appearance is the tan. Tanning makes skin an even tone and adds a healthy golden glow. Never underestimate the power of the tan Australians proved sunlight prevents disease. Looking blotchy or pasty is unappealing. Sunbathing once a week for one hour makes anyone appear youthful, healthy and in control of life.

Be aware of skin type. Generally, minimum SPF in high altitudes is 15. Minimum SPF at lower altitudes closer to sea level is 4. If it was a long time since tanning or skin is light, use SPF 30. After establishing a base tan, go to a lower SPF. Getting a sun burn is painful and causes damage which may develop into cancer, so take time to slowly graduate the tan. After it is developed it is more difficult to burn.

The next part of core appearance is exercise. Having some kind of workout routine for a half hour to an hour twice a week gives people rosy cheeks, naturally red lips and fresh appearance.

Working out doesn't have to be difficult or take place at a gym. The workout that lasts is enjoyable. Sports like baseball, basketball, hiking, racket ball and other sports might be easier to maintain because they are fun. Walking outside in the morning or evening accomplishes exercise and tanning all at once. This is an excellent reason to be clad in short-shorts and midriff tops as recommended in "Summer Safety."

Obesity poses an additional challenge when working out. Get exercise every week; however, extra weight adds resistance to any routine. Walking slowly for an hour is about the same amount of exercise as a thin person jogging with additional weights attached to their arms, chest and legs.

It is important to avoid damaging joints. Recommended exercises include: sitting in a chair and lifting the legs up; laying on the back and lifting the arms up; sitting in a chair and moving upper body from side to side and back and forth, and taking long walks. Recommended equipment includes: elliptical cycles, rowing machines and anything displacing weight onto the back or bottom. If nothing else, walk a half hour up the street and walk back. An hour of exercise is an hour of exercise.

In society people judge others by finger nails. Eating gelatin, drinking milk and filing finger nails changes people's opinions quickly. Gelatin hardens nails so they grow evenly, are less likely to break and have a nice shine. Milk helps nails grow faster. Filing provides a uniform appearance. This projects a detail orientated and stable persona. Having yellow nails might be a product of a weak liver or a fungal infection. Seeing a doctor or taking a natural vitamin supplement for liver function is appropriate.

Take a bath. It doesn't have to be everyday; however, bathing regularly prevents many diseases and increases social appeal. If it is more convenient to bath every-other day go ahead. If people seem to be taking an objectionable stance to an odor, bath more frequently. This point seems obvious to everyone.

Basic personal care has a substantial impact on how a person is perceived. Tanning, exercising and bathing doesn't have to be a chore. It can all be modified into an easy schedule. A person doesn't have to spend two hours in the sun everyday. Tanning a few times over the summer is good enough and results are immediate.

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