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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Summer Safety

I love hiking in the summer, though sometimes it can be dangerous. One day, already a couple miles up City Creek Canyon I started feeling light-headed and noticed my heartbeat a lot more than usual. Deciding to go hiking midday, it had not occurred to me I usually hike later in the evening, about 4PM or 5PM. It is best to avoid midsummer, outdoor activities from 11AM to 3PM when it is hotter then eighty degrees outside.

Easily fixed, the canyon provides water fountains. After a few sips heat stroke subsides. Sometimes I like to test endurance by doing something abnormal; after all, if it was a life or death situation, who knows when a person will be out in direct sunlight. Athletes practice during long, hot summer days, yet it is more fun when following a few safety rules.

Keep water nearby at all times. Dehydration and heat stroke occur suddenly. Common symptoms; include, throbbing pulse in ears or chest; feeling light headed or headache; blurring vision or sudden sensitivity to light, and feeling heavy arms or legs. While water is the best, start drinking salty beverages and lemonade. Salt and sugar help cells remain hydrated. Several athletic drinks have a balanced mixture of sodium, electrolytes. Remember babies should not eat raw, manufactured salt or sugar. Use recommended and premade formulas for all children under the age of 18 months.

Sunglasses with UV protection are recommended. I prefer not wearing sunglasses to remain aware of light sensitivity. Use a sunscreen with and SPF of 15 or more. Higher altitudes may require 30 SPF, while climates closer to sea-level require 4 SPF. Wear light flowing clothes that breathe and allow for evaporation. Bright colors attract insects, more than dark, neutral tones.

Tanning and exercising at the same time is great as described in "Core Components of a Healthy Appearance." Less clothing is required when tanning. People argue white clothing allows enough sunlight through to maintain an even tan; however, it is bright. A person may spray white clothing with insect repellent or wear hardly anything and hope a tan is enough of a mooted color.

Avoid bug bites. Spray insect repellents on clothing, not directly on your skin. Do not use DEET products on children under two months old. Do not use insect repellents containing oil of lemon eucalyptus on children under 3 years old. Stay clear of areas with a lot of mosquitoes.

Standing water attracts mosquitoes, so if you notice standing water near your home call local police or animal control to remove the problem. Avoid using scented soaps, perfumes or hair sprays. If outdoors in a national park or camping area wear pants, long-sleeved shirts, shoes and avoid bright colors.

Summer is an excellent time of year. There is inexpensive fun everywhere. It is easy to go to a park, barbeque, outdoor concert, state fair or walk through the neighborhood. Everything is entertaining when not complaining about the downsides of the season.

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