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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pet Summer Safety

We all know to avoid keeping pets in the car while running errands or taking trips. It is a huge mistake, yet leaving them at home seems cruel. How does a person take their pet with them? There are a couple of ideas to do this effectively.

Even though it only takes a "minute" to go to the store, that minute creates a hostile car environment. As a teenager I remember my Mom going into the store, "...for a minute." Usually leaving the air conditioning on, deciding to turn it off and feel what it was like and it was like being cooked in an oven. Despite leaving windows down it became extremely hot, extremely fast. Even shade under the console is hot. Standing outside would have been better. Pets have no way of escaping.

Tie pets to a bike rack or to a part of the car when taking them on errands. When leashed and well behaved no one minds them hanging around. Follow regular summer safety rules, like keeping water nearby and avoid outdoor activity from 11AM to 3PM. If you want to take them somewhere, do it in the morning or evening. It gets hot during the day. I'll bravely go out mid-afternoon once during a summer. Feeling short breathed and dizzy. Sweat runs all over.

Always keep liquids on hand. Carry a standard water bottle and plastic bowl in the car. Share water with your pet. Water helps relieve heat exhaustion quickly and rehydrates the body so it doesn't go into shock. I have walked two miles without drinking water during summer days. My heart starts beating hard. It pulses as though I'm having a heart attack. After drinking some water, everything is returned to normal and I keep walking.

Travel kennels conduct heat. Leaving pets outside in a travel kennel is the same as leaving them in a car. At home, anchor them to a tree or pole with proper ropes or chains available at pet stores. Cages are better than a travel kennel, though a fenced yard is the best for keeping them in the yard and protecting them from harm. Fences should be tall enough they cannot jump over it. Small dogs need a three foot fence, while large dogs need a five foot fence.

Leaving pets at home with a dog door and a bowl of water is preferable. They go outside or inside as needed. Schedule a separate time for errands and a walk through a park. We enjoy our pet's company and want to treat them to more than sitting around the house. It is possible to do this. It would be nice if stores and malls had dog posts. There would be a designated area for them play, since this is not available we all get by for now.

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