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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Beauty Maintenance

Dealing with depression for several years, it takes time to wake up in the morning. Other people spend one or two hours to shower, primp and apply makeup. I spent one or two hours to motivate myself to roll-out-of-bed and get dressed.

There are several tips for high-stress people to be acceptable each day. One tip is to get regular hair trims. Find a style and get a trim instead of spending a lot of time looking for a new hairstyle.

Short hair or an a-line bob has easier care instructions. These styles accommodate wigs and hair extensions. When going to work or school, it is easy to shower at night and comb hair. Use leave-in conditioner or moisture therapy to smooth hair and avoid sticky hair. At night or when going to an event, there is more time to primp and adjust a wig.

Being Goth takes maintenance. Even when doing low-maintenance, my beauty routine has more complications than normal. It is easier to fit style and beauty tips into a daily or monthly routine over attempting to do everything in a day.

Eating healthy foods and drinking water is great. Some foods assist in toning skin like strawberries. I buy strawberries when they are season. It is easier exercising fifteen minutes or a half hour several times a week; instead of, dedicating a day to hiking or another sport. As a Teen, I walked everywhere. Even now, I decide to walk or drive somewhere. If it is within walking distance, I evaluate the weather.

It is also important to get flue shots, booster shots and go to the Doctor. I have great health and shop over-the-counter or buy vitamins for preventative care. Even though feeling great, it is important to visit a Doctor on occasion. An annual checkup is great.

Wearing black is an advantage. There are several tips to maintaining a functional wardrobe that looks acceptable. Buy clothes that look good on you to avoid a long fashion show or evaluation of what looks good together. I find a shirt and pants that look good together.

Myself and several friends find wearing one pair of shoes is a great solution. They like a stylish combat boot. I like a conservative black flat with arch support. I have other shoes. When going to an event or an interview, I might match shoes to an outfit. My one pair of shoes wear-out faster, because they are my daily pair of shoes.

Makeup is also simple. Apply lotion, chap-stick and clear nail polish. Do not apply lotion after showering to avoid clogging pores. Apply it some time during the day. Utter balm is removes or lessens chaffing skin. I lotion my entire body monthly or every-other-month.

I do not need to apply chap-stick more than once a day. It is clear. No one notices. I feel better. Clear nail polish is similar. It does not matter if it chips. No one can see it. I can wear it several days and remove it when wanting to wear a brighter color.

Every week or month, it is important to pluck eyebrows. An eyebrow with definition is attractive. Men shave daily. Otherwise, it is easier to groom every week or month. Women should apply hair removal cream to the upper, cheeks and around the hair line. I apply it to create points around my ears and remove fuzz under the ear around the back of the hairline so it is more of a bowl shape.

I should go to a Hair Stylist ever six weeks. However, six weeks goes by and I am thinking about scheduling sometime soon.

There is so much to do. Now that I am no longer suffering from depression, I sleep less and have time to primp. I usually wake up and start to write or watch television. I feels like there is too much to do. I do not spend an excessive amount of time on appearance. Sometimes, it is nice to get a mirror to pluck eyebrows or think about vitamins. When needing to spend time on appearance, the two or three hours to primp is extremely effective.

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