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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Overall Goth Rant

There is a misconception about Goth Culture. It is commonly believed that Goths have nothing to do except wear attractive black outfits and spend time with friends. There is actually a greater life behind the black eyeliner and red lipstick.

With a lot of fun things to do, there are only a few people who are daring enough to spend life finding local nightclubs and spending a great amount of time going to events or watching television at a friend's house. Though I am a person who knows about local nightclubs and going to new nightclubs, it became difficult to focus on school and work as a Teen. Later in college, even as an Adult, people think I should be random about friendships and have elaborate weekend plans.

Beyond the physical reality of needing education and ability to live a functional life, there are multiple Goth Archetypes. There is the Scene Kid, Philosopher, Quiet Devout and Recluse. In life, it seems as though everyone wants to talk to Scene Kids. Which is fine. I actually do know about several nightclubs. The music they play and the regular crowd. It was fun to go to strange nightclubs. It is nice talking to people at school or work to get recommendations.

There is more to life. In reality, I was probably more of a Quiet Devout who got swept into the false expectations of other people. Now, I am a Recluse. I still know how to find fun parties and about funner events like Rocky Horror Picture or Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

This is not actually important to survival. When not going to places, it was important to study, exercise and work. I remember people wanting to get coffee at the coffee shop. Each friend wanted to talk separately. It might have be more intimate. I did not want to date them. It was kind of creepy, because I wanted everyone to meet each other for a couple hours. They could meet each other. It would be like a party. Then, I would have time to study. They did not want to do that, so it was like a slow hemorrhage of time. Eventually, I had to just declare it was study time and ignore anyone who called.

I realize, or at least think, they are not really Goths. To them I am like a toy that disappears into a box. I do not need motivation, aspirations, food or money. I do not need a home, retirement or a romantic relationship. They were not likely to help me with anything.

Clearly an awful situation, I just went to school and work whenever possible. They might have been Goths, yet suffer from similar treatment. There is also a chance they were lonely most-of-the-time and our schedules did not blend.

Becoming more Recluse, I do not wander around in all black, all day. There is more suspicion about whether or not someone is, "really a Gothic." I remember going to a coffee house and "my friend" mentioned Goths smell like sandalwood or clove. The comment made them seem smelly. The more disrespectful everyone becomes of each other causes division on Goth Culture.

In Salt Lake County, there were five different Goth Groups. They did not like each other and all of them fought for superiority. That was before finishing my first degree at the Community College. Leaving and returning after several years, there are seven, eight, maybe nine Goth Groups.

Each one believes, they are the best and most Goth. Facts are, Goth really only means one thing. Yet, it is like the same thing so no one really listens. It is not about religion. No one cares if you are Christian or Atheist. You are not more Goth because you practice magic. You are not more Goth for knowing magic is fake. Playing video games or watching movies is nice. People would like more definition about what Goth is or is not.

Personally, I am not happy with people who confuse Metal and Goth music. Several Goths enjoy Metal; however, Metal is not Goth. This is the same with several brands of music. Sometimes another genre is appealing to. Goths. Goths might like them more than people normally enjoy their genre. It would be nice to know why. This does not really change the overall spirit of regular life.

Sometimes, I feel bad for Metal Heads. They thought Goths were into a different type of Metal. Not really, there is a Metal Band that is appealing to Goths. People start fighting. A person could waste and entire life in the wrong subgroup. I have noticed more Goth music labeled as Alternative Rock in past years. Goth music is easily summarized as "Post Punk." It sounds like Punk, yet American Blues was revisited for a more accurate portrayal of the music. It has similarities to Contemporary Music. Currently, it has similarities to Popular Music.

I have been a Goth for year and still look Goth even when not wearing black. I like dramatic usage of color with black or stoic black with white. It is all fun. If you never thought that was fun, it is fine.

It is difficult establishing Goth Culture. It is as though Goths are likely to accuse each other of doing something wrong. The Non-Goth people who always harassed them, harassed them again.

The name used to describe the essence of Goth Culture and Music changed a minimum of twenty times in the past fifty years. Goths are sensitive and frequently feeling people. Consensus on what is or is not appropriate is a challenge. No one really wants a Leader to lead. It might appear as though Goths are crazy. However, Goths are people, not objects.

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