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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Romantic Friendship

Goths are becoming notorious for promiscuity. This bothers me. Even as an Atheist or Nihilist, it is important to have romantic life in order. There is a functional part of imagining the rest of life in a marriage. Friendship is the best method for finding someone to love. At least you like them.

It is important to establish mature relationships to avoid getting in trouble for infringing on other people's rights. It is also important to have time to work on life: going to school, going work and experiencing life like going to art galleries.

Many would say I do not really have a life now that I am older, yet you have a life. It is a life of reading books, walking around the park or writing blogs. It might not be exciting. The infamous Chinese curse is, "May you have an exciting life."

Romance has to be in balance. I can safely say my life is in control. Sometimes wanting to go out or do this-or-that, everything is available to feel good. I can focus on work.

Monogamy is functional for most people. Sometimes monogamy is not available to everyone. In the dark ages, they tied people to beds with sheets and locked them in a room at night. They spent the night alone unable freely move around to rid themselves of wet dreams.

That is excessive in modern society. It is considered cruel. Some societies still practice this method of teaching self-control. There is an options of abstinence to find a sense of self-control.

Gothic Society changed through the years. In middle school (preparatory school) Barely Teens found a boyfriend or girlfriend. They planned for their marriage. I am a person who moved every few years with my family. I did not understand establishing marriage as a Teen. It was easier to find a method to avoid unproductive romantic relationships.

It might have been better if we did not move; however, there are similar people who relate and understand. This is a common ideal for finding real friends. Real friends understand and relate to life as we experience it.

I fantasize about raising children and meeting other parents to arrange play-dates for kids. Then they will advantages of growing up with someone marry. It might not be an option.

Realistically, there are two types of effective methods of maintaining romantic relationships in the Goth Scene. I always prefer monogamy. I dated someone who wanted an open-relationship. We were not at the same understanding of life. That was acceptable, as long as everyone knows I am monogamous. The other type of relationship involves reducing dating to a group of friends.

Monogamy is great. I feel odd spending time with people. Now it is difficult conveying my romantic status by telling people about my boyfriend or having them loom over my shoulder to signify I am already in a relationship.

Men are difficult to deal with on occasion. They entertain the ideal of seeing multiple people. It might be years of commitment before they realize a first, second, third and even fourth strings is not important. However, if the relationship ends they have friends to begin finding another suitable Wife.

Sometimes people know who they have something in common with and resolve the issue of possibly ending up alone by dating multiple people. Even in this arrangement, a person has to qualify as being someone who fits into their life. This could include similar tastes and interests or similar social class. Social class includes: methods to raise children, family's economic status and religious ideals.

It is not an arbitrary activity. There is a selection process. It is an method of dealing with life to evolve to the next tier of life which is adulthood.

As children, the only worry is being held back a grade. The fuller aspect of adulthood is complex, while ensuring you will live longer. Frequently people want to establish tiers of friendship in order to establish boundaries between themselves and other people.

It is fine working on a project or offering advice. I enjoy offering advice. I also do not like feeling as though there are excessive obligations to someone that is an acquaintance. I like flirting. I dislike real flirtation implying a life commitment. I makes me feel good to know, though choosing a different lifestyle, they have their romantic life in order and do not need me.

In the flighty, sometimes uncomfortable networking in a community, friendship is best. Even if it does not workout and become marriage, it is a steady method of protecting them and myself.

I would stay in relationships as long as possible. I do not date someone and then end the relationship. One time I decided to date, "the next person I date," no matter what happened. Feeling they are not right for me; they not love me; or they did not respect me, I would stay with them. The only event stopping the relationship is if they end the relationship, or they became abusive. I will never do that again. It was a good experience.

I was able to figure out several aspects of relationships and figure out what I want in a relationship. We talked about life so it was easier to explain my point-of-view in the future. Clearly it did not workout, yet it was a rewarding experience.

Life would be easy if it came with a guidebook. Between faulty communication, intentional or unintentional, everyone has to find personal answers to love. It is an issues that is only resolved through experience. Friends know funny jokes, offer assistance when someone is mean, know when someone is mean and have a similar understanding of life. It seems best to also have a friend that relates to me to find answers about my life. That is why friendship is important to marriage.

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