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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hypocrisy of Goths

Goths have a reputation of being tyrannical. Several live in denial of this, yet there is an evolution of Gothic Culture involving blatant apathy. Even as a girl, I remember making rules about not dating anyone already in a relationship. Men would lie and say they are single, yet they were only making sure a relationship was possible and then dumping their girlfriend. One day it finally happened. I dated one of my friend's boyfriends. He likes me more is not a nice statement to anyone.

Learning about psychology, philosophy and other educational premisses that clarify the world, I have began to notice Goths are and are not hypocrites. Most of the time we speak in a language of inferred interpretations of words. This makes communication difficult. There are several occasions when Goths make themselves the exception to the rules.

One premiss that bothers me is the Popularity versus Extravert controversy. It is like Goths have no idea what they are saying. Popularity is in association with extroversion. It is a personality type, not how many times you got beaten up at school. The Goth ideal is Popular People engage in orgies, are above the law and beat up the Less Popular Kids. This is completely untrue. Popular People are Pollyannas who are friendly and talk to everyone. Popular People are frequently thought of as lackadaisical or adorable and would get into a car with anyone.

Any Goth will tell you everyone loves Goths. This is true until taking hurting people's feelings or blatantly dismissing them as a person. In Goth Culture, these subtleties make people try harder in competition. There is something about the demeanor that is commanding or educational.

I enjoy playing hardball. Hardball is a system of negotiation that involves a series of demands and eventual compromises that are acceptable to both parties. There are certain things in life I need in order to take me away from me other activities; ergo, a certain level of compensation agreed upon before I set aside time for other activities. Some dislike it when I play hardball, yet for fledgling Goths, I feel it is good to show them how it is done.

This is fine, yet the attitudes and methods of the Older Generation creates hardship for the Younger Generation. People are now aware a Gothic might say one thing and then do something different. While always seeming nice, it could be seen as a ploy to gain something without entitlements. Gothics have natural enemies for this reason.

Politics are about dispersing resources. We live in a world with limited resources. I believe the necessity of separating into separate groups through music, makeup and clothing is necessary for everyone to gain a home, employment, marriage and children. I frequently see Goths attempting to cross social boundaries.

It is understandable since Goths consider themselves as the Arbitrators of the world. They are thinking of making amends and building treaties. It would be great if everyone got along; however, when anyone crosses the line and takes something from someone's group. There is immediate retaliation. To think this retaliation will not happen is ignorant.

Unfortunately, though raised with similar values, the image of Goths fighting for the underdog has become the image of Entitled Aristocrats sponging off of the merit of other people's deeds.

This is the world we live in now and Gothic Culture is shifting. Cross-Cultures have become defensive and identify Goth Culture as a separate entity of people. After successfully blocking Goths as a group, many push Goths around and hope the Gothic never recovers. Whether guilty or innocent, Goths have shown they can be vipers taking other people's territory; ergo, there is an extreme lack of trust.

Every Goth about my age and younger is familiar with judgment based on appearance. People seem to know whatever a Goth is saying is probably inaccurate; whether they are aware of it or not. It has made a desperate situation.

Growing up, the activities of Goths is much different than what it is now. People as young as twelve or fourteen were establishing marriage arrangements. I was different. I wanted to explore life and hesitant to find a monogamous relationship. Even without planning my love life in advance, there were still rules about dating.

When finding a compatible relationship, we became monogamous. It was a simulation of marriage, so more like a courtship than dating. It was important to have a Significant Other (monogamous partner) when talking to people. People are more open to talk to people who are already in a relationship; however, there were some who were afraid of being alone. They would already know who they were leaving their Significant Other for before announcing the relationship was over. Everyone was happy eventually. This activity outside Gothic Culture is confusing to everyone.

Television news frightens me. No longer as active in the community, I worry about life. However, I also know the sensational stories about Goths and Scene Kids is inaccurate. I was drinking coffee at a Artist's Club that was owned by a Gay Couple. The news portrayed us as Lovers. We were just sitting in the background while they were reporting the story. We are not Lesbians. The club was adjacent to community housing for Artists.

I imagine the same thing is happening everywhere, yet there are signs people are attempting to make things they believe are true, true and that is very threatening. I do not like the idea of the Younger Generation being subjugated in this mannerism. Forcefully being made into a person that is not truly yourself is hostile. I never brought a gun to school, bullied kids in the hallways, slept with over fifty different people or engaged in a manag a twa. Though words will never hurt me, having to take extra defensive actions of how people might want to hurt me, hurts. Especially if they are successful. That is a lot of trauma for no reason.

I have said it before and will say it again, "Other people's opinions do not matter that much, especially if trying to make you do something against your beliefs."

Identifying one of my other least favorite saying that makes people harm themselves is, "Don't be a snitch." If someone is acting against you, tell people. It does not have to be an Authority Figure. Handling the situation yourself has consequences, yet if things are bleak talk about it. Ask people for help. Identify with friends. Friends also include people in other cultures who feel their own people are acting aggressively and without merit.

Everyone needs help sometime. Those who start defending their way-of-life early still have most of their rights. It is difficult standing up for yourself when it is for your personal interests. There is also the risk of becoming overly aggressive and gaining a reputation of being insane. There are probably several people with the same interests who also need protection, including, yourself.

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