Goth Ilk: Goth to Emo

Friday, February 17, 2012

Goth to Emo

Though at odds the Goth and Emo Cultures are synchronous. Similar to an observation about the older generation in dark business suits evaluating the younger generation in letterman jackets fashion changes with each generation. There are several reasons for this occurrence.

Emos are Goths. This is not the first time Goths try to redefine themselves as something different with a new title. There are a slew of names ranging from Dark Wave, Post Punk and International Rock. Writers also engage in activity. Though everyone knows a combination of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror is a Comic Book we bravely search for another title that does not include cartoons even though Comic Books stem from novels combining these elements in the genre of fiction with subcategories to clarify content.

These variations throw everyone into chaos. Thinking about the broader portion of Goth Society, most people exhibit sensitive traits. Sensitive does not mean sympathetic or empathetic. Emotional bonds describe feeling. Sensitive is system of preference through sensory observations. Cleaning the desk before work, tracking down a chilling breeze or exaggerating slight difference in clothing combinations are sensitive activities.

As a sensitive group of people, though my tests reveal I chose intuitive responses almost one hundred percent of the time, I exhibit several sensitive traits every day. This higher quality of sensing the world at a critical level creates separations into categories anytime there is any observable change. Under this scrutiny everyone is human not Goth or any group either in particular even though several people find a commonality.

Thinking about promotion of individuality and reverence for all people noticeably sensitive reactions are being overridden by thinking traits. Usually sensitive need to organize everything to become functional and there is an inclination to demand personal space, yet when including various beliefs personal space becomes a lesser option in regard to other people's needs.

Other beliefs include being less rigid and a preference of compromise to gain happiness. This establishes an inclination to diminish comfort to gain companionship. Functionality is important to everyone. The Urban quality is bent towards sophistication and darker colors. This creates a polished, quaffed appearance which is a recognizable quality of Goths. Goths have many of the traditional values of society with an orientation towards personal and religious freedom. Most believe in love, intelligent design, structure and rights to happiness. This is how we look shady to outsiders in arenas of imbibing and questioning social standards, such as: waiting for marriage and "Birds of a feather flock together."

Goths are analytical in association to these issues. Approaching groups have confusion when asking Goths about stances on issues. The level of personal restrictiveness is higher than the assumption. Having sex in a mature, monogamous relationship equals some sexual relationships with people before finding the "right one." It does not equal sex with everyone.

These misunderstandings create conflict. A person wanting to protect individuality must protect their own individuality or be a victim of stereotypes. Many might want to go to other groups to find solace, yet it is Goths who empathize with ongoing mayhem and losing personal choices.

Some might wonder if I have life experiences. I had boyfriends, from a different group, for years. By the end he was disappointed that I was not a slut. They wanted a slut. Previous girlfriends were sluts. For a long time I thought this reaction was a product of vicious gossip. I pondered all my ex-boyfriends and soon to be ex-friends who would be so mean. It was not until later I realized that it was because of the media depiction of Goths. Truthfully the media portrays everyone as hopping between sexual partners. It is another outside group that is not acknowledging personal freedom. Someone having any sex before marriage is a slut. They do not know people of another group have a much higher expectation of what constitutes a slut. Premarital sex is normal. Whatever reason he judged me based on appearance.

Another level of empathy, coincidentally problems, relates to talking with other Goths. As this happens to me this happens to them. I hear through gossip someone thinks they are a vampire; they are an orphan, or they are a witch. I do not know if any of these rumors are true. I only know several people talk about them specifically. When ten or more people approach you with gossip about someone you do not know; it is fair to assume people talk to each other about this person. While empathizing with the person everyone gossips about, I also realize this activity appears hostile and they are pushing everyone away in search of answers.

These types of unique complications to the group make it so Goths are the best option for gaining support when conflict arises. An older title for everyone is probably available, yet the principle is to get better at trusting each and avoid making faulty connections to people who will always make unfair assumptions about Goths.

Emos are really Goths, ergo should get along. Perhaps the visual influence of animation glorifies a colorful streak, yet there are several social similarities. I know Goths, only a decade older than me, who fuss over my appearance. When I was a teen I wore solid black or gray from head to toe. My clothes were for a forty or fifty year old woman. Now that I am mature the same outfit looks immature. Others in my age group and I make adjustments to the old style though still revering many of the same principles that are basics of the old style.

Style and music will evolve. My parents felt they were different from available groups. I look at my Mom's pictures of her as a teen. She had pale skin, intense glare, black clothes and one earring. Slightly different, it reminds me of Goth. She was friends with bikers and innovators who respect "One Percenters." My Father had longer hair and resented any association to Hippies. He is an upstanding citizen who believes in upholding the laws and traditional family values. There might be more debate about the title the group, yet it is time grow up.

Quirky Book
Jung by Vivianne Crowley